Wednesday, 25 December 2013

WOYWW 238 - the Merry and Bright edition

Merry Christmas to you all on this festive occasion. I hope you all have a love and happiness filled day, and that you know joy and peace next year.  I've not been very good (ok, epically bad may be a better way of putting it) at joining in with WOYWW these last few weeks, but I had to come on over today!

For us, Christmas is a tame affair this year. We were going to have moved house 10 days ago, so our Christmas decorations remained in storage. That has been delayed until the New Year and so we've had to make do with whatever was available.... It's ok, but I'm already looking forward to next year and being able to "do" Christmas properly. At the end of the day, though, as long as we've spent a lovely and precious day together, that's all that matters and I'm very grateful for what I DO have as many people don't have as much as we have today, including those lovely friends of ours who are without power or water following the recent storms and are having to rely on the kindness of neighbours in order to be able to cook. 

Here's to all that is good about Christmas.... Bright blessings one and all!


Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Happy WOYWW, one and all! If you don't have a clue what I am on about then go to www.stamping – for all the details. 

I haven't done what's on your work desk Wednesday for a while because I have been very busy with preparations for the Christmas fair on Saturday. Not that you would know it from my desk because it doesn't look much different however I can assure you that a lot has been happening!  


Lots of you already know that I am starting up a new business called Hare Moon Crafts which specialises in fingerprint, artwork, pawprint and hand/footprint silver jewellery as well as all the things I normally do like my strawsilk glassware and my beaded baubles and cards.

Setting up new business in the current climate is quite daunting and scary but as it is a business to add on to my normal daily job and not to support our family I am confident that we can make it work - wish me luck. Who knows it might become so successful that I can quit the day job and then I will be in crafting heaven!  So my apologies for not having been around much - I will try to do my best to get round as many of you as possible this week and hopefully you will see more of me in the future.  Happy blog hopping!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Hello again!

Back here for another WOYWW-fest.  If you're in the dark about WOYWW - pop on over to visit Mrs WOYWW herself for all the deets.

Still not a great deal of change.  I guess it's a big like a giant chess or chequers game - see if you can spot what's moved from last week.  We're going for a different angle today so that peeps can see that it's not a hovering UFO but my daylight, magnifying desk lamp, and that's not a fluted doodad from a dyson but actually a glass vase that I'm improving on.  We-ell - I hope I'm improving it!  Still got to finish the silver leafing, but we're nearly there!

So. Have a happy hop today, and I'll see you around....


Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Just a quickie from me, becuuse the report from my desk is basically ditto last week, with a photo taken today. LOL. I didn't get round to putting my photo up last week but perhaps that's a good thing as they'd look the same, with just some glass shuffling going on! 

Anyway - have fun hopping round the world courtesy of the lovely Julia with WOYWW
And I will catch you on yours - one hopes!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

WOYWW......ING. 230

I've been a bit lax lately and not joined in, so here's a bit of fun for today.

I am:

Savoring the last few days of late October. Season of mists, and all that...
Finishing my magazines - they usually get left to rot, unread.
Learning some new craft techniques.
Trying to make better food choices.
Missing my dog, Twig, may his doggy soul rest in peace.
Hesitating on buying a laptop.
Ingesting lots of soup!
Meeting old friends and new.
Feeling optimistic for the future.
Thinking, "Car main dealerships are rip-off merchants when it comes to repairs"
Watching : Sons of Anarchy, season 4 - yes, I'm a bit behind.
Listening to Alter Bridge's Fortress album.
Loving my family very much.
Working towards not having to work.
Anticipating how much hard work a forthcoming project is going to be. (watch this space)
Wishing there was a LOT more time in each day.

What's your latest 'ing'?
In the meantime, I will be uploading a proper picture of my desk when I get home.  It is busy - I'm back to the Strawsilk glasswork in anticipation of craft fairs prior to Christmas.  We've had yet another car bill in and things are a bit of a struggle at the moment (so I guess you're wondering why I'm even considering a laptop let alone hesitating to buy one - well that's why we're hesitating) and we need some extra pennies.  We're working on that!
So, go and join in the hop started by the delightful Miss D and we'll catch you around here soon.  Hopefully I might get a chance to visit some folks!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Ho hum.

Here we are for another WOYWW (deets and the world keeps on turning.  Sorry I've not been around much - we've all had the Lurgy here and a fortnight ago we sadly had to let our beloved Twig cross the rainbow bridge which pretty much put a down on everyone's mojo. 

My desk this week mostly looks yarn shaped. I've finished work on one scarf, am working in this one...

...and working on a third one in regular wool as a knit-a-long with Mr B. yes, you read it right here.... Md B is knitting. He already knew the knit stitch, but no others and rather likes the idea of learning. It's the Navy part of him you see.  All those knots. 

I've done a wee bit to Project Life, but as always there's not much to show until the photos are developed so you'll just have to possess your souls in patience till then. 

 Will I get round anyone this week? Who knows? Panto is now in full rehearsal and this week Mr B is working nights on the trucks (having quit teaching - did I mention that yet?) so hopefully you'll see me on the hop....  Catch you around!!!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Gosh - where'd the week go? Here we are for another round of WOYWW with the fabulous Ms JD and another chance to snoop the crafting desks of the world. 

I've managed to play Boxel in my craft room, and the room is clearing. The desks can't quite be used yet but that's ok. Instead, the ironing monster has struck and I'm now playing catchup with the laundry.

I'm still not unpacking any craft stuff but I did select certain items to play with before packing up. Cross stitch for one, and I have MANY weeks of Project Life to catch up on. 

So, don't let me keep you - continue on your hop!  I've not been able to get round folks as my lunchtime browsing has been curtailed in favour of letting the dogs out at lunchtime but I will try to get round folks at the weekend.


Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Another week has swung by and the time is flying - September already!  Another week of WOYWW has hit us - for deets visit the fabulous Julia HERE.

My desk hasn't actually changed other than an ebb and flow of washing in the  ironing basket beside it. 

I thought I'd show you the rest of the room. Last week the common theme in the comments was good luck with the unpacking. I don't intend to do much of that as this is a very short term let and we're only here for six months. A shame, because its a beautiful house despite downstairs being a war zone and us being crammed in on the first floor.  We already feel settled so it will be a pity to have to move. 

The second PC on the shelf isn't ours - it's for the CCTV and has to stay put.
Anyway. Have a happy hop, and I hope to try and get round more of you this week...

Thursday, 29 August 2013

It's Thursday,

and today I am:
  • listening - to my workmates chatter - at home to anything Lil Miss B is playing, usually on a random mixup.
  • eating – Ainsley Herriot's Hot & Sour cup a soup, with salt and vinegar crisps for lunch
  • drinking - apple and blackcurrant squash, or coffee
  • wearing - my turquoise Per Una skirt and a turquoise t-shirt, white shoes
  • feeling - feeling exhausted after house moves and poor sleep.
  • weather - cloudy with sunny spells, temp about 26 degrees
  • wanting - sleep
  • needing - sleep
  • thinking - bed would be nice right about now
  • enjoying - living so close to work - no more 1 hour drive home!
  • wondering - if we'll ever be able to afford our own home.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013



And back again in another place…

Well, I’ve been here a couple of weeks but the last two weeks were too much mayhem for actually getting anything posted and we didn’t have broadband for the first week, or wifi till the second.  Situation normal now but we have creative chaos….

Back to boxes on the desk!   Stay tuned for developments – not sure I’ll be unpacking much though!


Wednesday, 7 August 2013




 More of the same from me this week I'm afraid - but this time next week I'll have moved!  

Enjoy your hop around the globe on the 
WOYWW  bus with the marvellous Mrs Dunnit's as your driver.... See you soon!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013



 Not much more I can say to that!!!!

Sorry I'm not reciprocating much at the mo but things are a little busy just now....

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


 I figured it was high time I posted again - so you guys don't think I've dropped off the face of the earth. I haven't, I'm just gearing up for a house move. Yup, we've been here for just shy of two years now, and its time to move on as the owners will be back from Dubai in August! 

So, I give you exhibit A:

And exhibit B:

 Needless to say I'm not getting much crafting done. Ok, any. 

So, go on back to Mrs Dunnit's blog to continue hopping your way around the WOYWW world.

Oh - and before I forget - thank you to all you wonderful ladies for your good wishes after the wedding!


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

WOYWW 212 - Helloooo, Mrs B!

Another round of WOYWW - where does the time go?  Here we are, once again, on this worldwide voyage around the global desks of all the WOYWW ladies, courtesy of the wonderful Mrs Dunnit.  I'm not stopping for long though - I'm a newlywed, don'tcha know?  LOL

I have to say, the weather was amazing and the company great.  The wedding passed at superspeed; I can't remember much about it other than gazing into a certain Mr B's eyes, and having the hugest quantity of Chinese food on the table!  The party went with a swing, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Mission well and truly accomplished.

Well, I promised a picture of the finished bouquets once the great day had passed..... and here you are....

Here's a couple of gratuitous hat and shoe photos....

And one of Lil Miss B' looking gorgeous....

Regrettably, there is no desk picture this week.  Who am I kidding?  Regrettably?  I'm delighted there's no desk picture this week.  I'm having a well-deserved week off....

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

WOYWW 211 - last call for Roberts!

Late posting today.
And I don't really have a desk for WOYWW, that wonderful creation of the fabulous Miss Dunnit.
I'm still a little bit busy, as The Big Day is this Friday and I get to take a new married surname instead of using my old married one.  I could have gone back to my maiden name but I'm a cheapskate.  There, I said it.
Anyway, I don't really have a desk so I've posted up a picture of what I HAVE been working on lately - two nights this week, I turned a  marzipaned fruitcake into this.  I don't have to worry if it will eat alright - my Mum (bless her) made it, and having had about 70 years practice at this kind of thing will no doubt have turned out another awesome work of edible art.  She makes the best fruit cakes I know of.  Apologies to those who have already seen this cake on Facebook yesterday.
The second picture is something else I'm now working on for the wedding - hair slides for myself and  Lil Miss B... I'd be lying if I said the bouquets were finished but they're 99% done, just requiring a needle and thread on both, and a few more buttons/beads on one.

So - enjoy your hopping, my apologies that I don't reciprocate with any visits and comments,  but I really think I'm going to be otherwise engaged married this week!


Monday, 17 June 2013

Just a quick update from me....

Where is the time going?
Only 4 more sleeps to the Big Day - and I still have so much to do!  The bouquets are NOT finished, nor is the cake, and there are just too many little things to sort out/fix.
Will we be ready?
Bet your life!
Hmmmmm - sure I've heard that as lyric somewhere....

Friday, 7 June 2013


Well, disaster has been averted and we can move on with the plans. 

Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the Espace will be fixed in time for the wedding!

Thursday, 6 June 2013


Oh my
Trouble is brewing

Anyone who knows me over the last year knows that I've been plagued with car trouble.  So much so, that last year it nearly put the mockers on the whole wedding thing when our silver Clio blew up.

Guess what.


Curse of the cars strikes again.

This time, we have - in the blue corner - the Renault Grand Espace.  Fault - something horribly wrong with the clutch.  Quote - £900 to fix.  In the red corner - the Renault Clio.  Fault - unsure, possibly the electronic control unit and a vacuum leak coupled with immobiliser woes.  Quote - £unknown, with a starter figure of £105 for work already done that didn't cure the problem.

So that's a cool grand before both cars are anywhere near fixed. 

And what have we here?  Oh, just a wedding reception!  With about £2k to pay on it still, money that is all we have, sat in the bank.  Waiting...for a wedding reception....or a broken car.  Or two.

It may just be that we have to cancel the reception.  Or downscale it.

The next 12 hours will tell - watch this space.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

WOYWW 209 - post crop


After all the excitement of the weekend, I forgot to set up my WOYWW for this week! (For deets, go here).  Last night when I should have been scheduling a post for today, I was busy working on wedding things in Photoshop.  Silly me… hehehehe
Well, the Crop was amazing, but you’ll have seen Julia’s and LLJ’s photos by now at least, if not the myriad of others by Kyla and H and…. so I won’t bore you with mine.  Not that I have any to show you this week – they’re all still in the camera! 
My desk this week is a teensy bit different.  Some new RUBs that I’ve not found a home for/decided what’s going in them.  Cutouts in card for our wedding favour boxes (guess what’s happening in my house this weekend…. a marathon box-fest).  General stuff and stash as per usual.
The bouquets are coming along by leaps and bounds.  I forgot to get a picture of Doone’s hard work; at the weekend she hand stitched the ribbons on most of my buttonholes while Flo and I made more flowers.  (Sterling job Doone & Flo, thanks!)  At the Big Crop I sat/stood/meandered whilst making more flowers and I think all the lovely attendees made at least one each.  Thank you ladies!  It’s so nice knowing that a little part of all my friends will be so close to me on the big day.  Soppy, I know, but it’s still nice.  The bouquets are not quite finished yet, but are definitely on their way and are starting to quite literally take shape.
Between the pair of them, Doone & Flo have finally inveigled me into joining Collabor-art, basing their efforts on the fact that I should have more time on my hands come late August, and will therefore be able to join in occasionally.  Ulp.  Been a long while since I last did any proper arty stuff!  Here we go – feet first………
See you on the hop!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

WOYWW 208 - Happy 4th!!!

Welcome to a special WOYWW - the 4th anniversary/ birthday edition. If you've never stumbled across this before, all the deets can be found here.  I'm a bit late getting to the party this week, and I don't really have a desk per se but here is a gratuitous floor shot of Mr B working in the lounge on "something for the wedding"!  LOL

The "something" is too big for the normal desk, and Mr B has self-nominated for the working on this one... Sigh... Lucky me!

I don't have a regular desk this week because I figured you've seen enough buttons for now. I'm also a bit under the weather at the mo thanks to school lurgy coming home via Mr B so my mojo is running a bit low at the moment. That along with all the busy-ness means that this year I won't be taking part in the ATC swap, but I look forward to seeing the ATCs on everyone else's blogs!

Happy hopping one and all...!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


A flying visit from me cos I nearly forgot to post this, even though I remember to grab the photos this morning.

My desk has been taken over by a big white box with a purple blob in it - drying out the royal icing prior to sanding.... yes, sanding.  That's what I thought too, but apparently it's de rigeur when making a cake to sand it between layers.  Go figure.  My Mum never did it but then her icing bouts were usually peppered with lots of swearing and trying again. 

The lounge desk has been de-camped to the floor for the moment.  Twisting all that wire is playing up my carpal tunnel something shocking, so I can't do too much.  Guess what my Hens are going to be doing this weekend..... hehehehehe.........

In case you're wondering why I'm nattering about desks in particular, head here for all the deets.

In the meantime, I actually got around all my visitors last week, plus a few.  So you might just see me this week!  As Queen Julia and the lovely Doone are two of my Hens, and we're doing something craft related, I'll make sure I post a couple of tasteful pics next week!

Happy Hopping!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

WOYWW 206 - more buttons - progress this time!

Just a quick one from me as I'm now at work and I'd forgotten to set up my WOYWW desk last night.  For all the deets, visit Queen Julia HERE.
My desk is currently in the lounge because I can sit there and work and am not segregating myself from the family.  It also means Lil Miss B can help out with the makings...
So, here we are - my desk space.....
and my progress so far....
I was foolish enough to decide to make buttonholes for all my actual wedding guests AND try to personalise one or two of them (Royal Artillery button, anyone?).  I need to finish these before I finish the bouquets because I need to make sure I have enough buttons.  Strangely enough, I don't think I do..... ulp..... must buy more.....  ROFL  The buttonhole on its own is for my beloved groom.  Ooh - and the cogs you see?  They're that set of Xcut Chronology dies, using mirri card.  I have to say, they are now my most used die set after Labels 4 from Spellbinders.  I wholeheartedly recommend them.
Sorry if you don't see me this week - we have just 37 DAYS LEFT...... and that means I'm a tad busy.  Tonight we're hitting Hobbycraft for some bits and pieces including foam core board for a "polaroid" frame.  Check it out on Pinterest.... This weekend will be spent up to my elbows in royal icing working on our fruit cake. No I don't mean Mr BAt least the wedding dress is now ordered/paid for, we have all Mr B's and Lil Miss B's clothes, and the rings are in our possession - everything else is just gravy....
So, happy hopping - you might just see me this week!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

WOYWW 204 - pretty much the same as last time actually...

Hello!  Here we are again for another week of WOYWW - for deets go here - and I figured it was about time I joined in again.

I'm hoping you'll all forgive me being a bad blogger of late but I have been a little bit busy doing...stuff.  Organising mostly.  Cleaning a lot.  Entertaining a HECK of a lot.... LOL.  I've lost track of where I am and what I'm doing and who's visiting.  Except I am VERY much aware that it's only 7 weeks and 2 days to the wedding.  Eek.

So, a quick flash of what is currently posing for a desk....

It might not look like I've done much in the way of "flowers" since I last posted a pic, but I have and there are more there than you realise.... Minxy - your packet now have pride of place on the lap tray, top left hand corner!

Finally - I got the wonderful opportunity to actually, finally, meet Minxy last night!  It just so happened I'd won something off ebay (love Ikea Expedit!) and it was in her town, so it would have been rude not to pop by and wave frantically and manically at her from the car.  I did actually get out, and we had coffee and a chat, albeit rather brief as we'd left the 12 year old at home (no space in the car for her!).

Before I left, Minxy also gave me this fab hanging for my craft room..... Thank you Minxy I love it - fave colours!!! 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Happy WOYWW!  For newbies to the acronym, head here for all the details and to join in.
Just a quickie from me this week!
As you can see, my picture (apologies fo the size etc, it was taken on my mobile) is showing my desk in the middle of a button frenzy.  For those not in the know already, I'm making my wedding bouquet from buttons and assorted bits and pieces (feathers, silk flowers, beads, cogs, you name it) and there's a couple of pieces already made sitting in the tin can.....
I really ought to get organised though!
Happy Bloghopping today!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Long time no see!

and technically still no see, cos I don't have a desk to show you for WOYWW (deets here).  But I hope you'll forgive me that.

You see, I'm rather busy at present, and my desk is piled high with huge stacks of buttons (thank you to Doone and Zoe amongst others), card, ribbon, bling, envelopes as well as the bed having fabric on it (I'm working on it Jo!).  In fact, most surfaces in the house have things on relating to craft and/or the wedding as Mr B and Lil Miss B pitch in on the wedding invites with paper trimmer and Big Shot in hand.

Just a shame I can't share any of it with you.....

I CAN share the front page of our website though (that has to be done before the invites go out) as that is something else I've been working on.  Busy busy busy.

On that note, I have to run.  I'm going to apologise now because I simply can't get round to many of you this week, so please don't leave a comment if my lack of a reply is going to upset you.  It's not that I don't want to, it's just that time is limited (I spent my lunchtime yesterday getting quotes for portaloos - I lead such a glamorous life!) and it's being spent doing other things. 

Hope you are all keeping well - me, I'm doing great although I need another op apparently!  Nothing to worry about, just a precautionary measure.... LOL.  Hope they sort it soon though....

TTFN - Happy Hopping!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

WOYWW 189 - Project Life Fest! Warning - Photo heavy...

Edited to add:  Apologies - I seem to have linked you all to the Mobile version of this page - please scroll down to the bottom and it will say "View Web Version".  If you want.  Not compulsory, but you might feel a little less like you're in the wrong place!

Hello!  Back at WOYWW once more.  For those not in the know, the deets are here.... feel free to join in with whatever your workdesk may have lurking on it, no matter what...

I am still at home recuperating - I have an appointment with the doctor today, and just had a date for a post-op appointment sent to me.  I will know later whether or not I go back to work on Thursday but if truth be told, I'm still feeling pretty worn out and the thought of driving an hour each way either side of an 8 hour day is rather daunting.  We will see what the Dr says. (Update: Dr said stay home another week....)

In the meantime I'm filling my days with an awful lot of nothing much.  Not being allowed to lift and lug anything seriously reduces the amount of housework I can do (yay) but after a while it does get tedious not being able to run the hoover round or get the washing from A to B and back again. 

Mr Mojo has also taken a hike but I have managed to get a little bit caught up on my Project Life work.  I'm determined (absolutely!) to get 2012 put to bed by the end of this month....  following are most (but not all) of the weeks I've done.  The pages not included are awaiting the arrival of prints to put in - no point showing you the pages if there's nothing to look at!  Any gaps you see are also waiting on prints.  The reason for the gaps?   A couple got missed, but deadlines for getting free/reduced price prints were looming and I had to send off a certain number by a certain time (eg, 50 prints for free, 75 prints for 1p + postage).  Net result, only half the odd week got sent in.  My apologies for the awful picture quality - poor light, late at night...

I'm going to keep up to date with 2013.  And true to my word, here are the title page and Week 1 of 2013.

Catch you around!
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