Monday, 26 September 2016

And here we go....

It's panto time again!  Yay!  Crazy chick that I am, I agreed to Direct this year...
We're putting on Treasure Island at Verwood Pantomime Society, and the performances will be the last week of January.  The more astute (ok, read long serving readers) will recall that we've done Treasure Island before, 5 years ago, and I blogged about it here.  Crazy enough as it may seem, and I'm still scratching my head about it now, Mr B has landed the role of Long John Silver (quite funny considering he's only 5'7").
Lunch Lady Jan, impetuous fool that she is (love ya, hunny) has been suckered into agreed to come and watch this year with the Gorgeous Gordon.  So who else out of you lovely ladies will be tagging along?
Oh.  I forgot to mention.  Lil Miss B has secured herself a rather plum role too.  She's the Sea Spirit - the same role I played last time.
Not that I had a say in this, I hasten to add.  The auditions are done in front of a panel of 5 judges of which I am only one, and in both cases my beloveds were put into their role without a word of choice from me.  Oh no, I didn't get a say, really.  I'd rather Lil Miss B hadn't been in it at all (she originally wanted to do back stage) and Mr B would actually have been rather lovely as the dame this year.  But we do have to consider the blend of cast carefully, and I have to confess that my co-judges have probably got it just about right...

Here we go again!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

WOYWW 380 – the patched one

Another round of WOYWW hosted by Julia at The StampingGround – the chance to be really nosy at other people’s desks/stash/skill and a chance to catch up amongst old friends...
It’s another quiet week at Morti Towers, apart from the whirr of the sewing machine.  I’m still stuck behind a mechanical needle, soon to be replaced with a hand sewing session.  Nothing has changed on the main desk.  You can see here the plain black one (except it’s folded up) and the last one waiting to be made.  And a big pile of patches and fabric badges to stitch to them both. 
I’ve made three more cushions this week (two of which are proudly displayed here, and have been seen by many of you on FB) and I still have one to do. 

Seven of the patches in question are from Geocaching last year.  Or it might have been the year before that - I've lost track!  You had to complete six challenges to get certain "souvenirs", and by completing all six, you won the seventh - the "Achiever" award.  We discovered you could buy these patches and although I think you're meant to stitch them to your geocaching bag or jacket or whatever, we've opted to add them to cushions - we're likely to buy more in the future and on a cushion there won't be the faff of having to take them off when the bag breaks or the jacket wears out etc... I bought two sets - Lil Miss B has her own geocaching ID so she got her own set of souvenirs.
Once I’ve done that I’ve got an idea for the scraps left over from the printed fabric, and I need to make a makeup bag for someone who has been patiently waiting for it.... heheheh

I'm looking forward to getting back to card making and scrapbooking though, I will admit.  And some beading.  There's definitely beading on the horizon...
Hope to see you all on the hop!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

WOYWW 379 - the one with all the WIPs

Greetings and salutations my fellow WOYWWers!  Welcome to another round of WOYWW as hosted by the lovely Julia over at Stamping Ground.  If you don't know what it is, come on over and join in - I don't think it HAS to be a crafting desk, I've certainly posted my work one often enough, as well as my sofa!  LOL
So, this week, I've had a busy desk.  Here's the current shot:

A busy mess of beads and buttons and pliers etc...
Close up:

I'm actually making a button ornament.  The long standing WOYWWers amongst you will recognise that the buttons in question are the same colour as those in my wedding bouquet from Jun 2013 - and that's exactly what they are.  Well, not from the bouquet itself but extras.  I wanted to make something with the "leftovers" as it were and plan on covering this polystyrene cone with them.  It'll be a lovely way to display them and easy to dust - the bouquet itself is languishing in a box until such time as we have a glass display case to put it in, and somewhere to put said case!
I see that my WOYWW 7 ATCs have made it into the shot - I still have a couple of these left if folks are interested!
Earlier this week (Sunday in fact) saw me industriously beavering away with fabric.  

It wasn't actually that industrious.  I only managed to turn out two cushions, and I have another 4 to make yet, but these are the two I made that now reside on Lil Miss B's  bed.  Along with Batman and a wolf.  Humourously enough, the two red cushions at the back are actually the rear view of two Christmas cushions she has - but as her room is red and black, she still wanted them on her bed.  Guess I'd better find some red fabric too...

I also have to make two plain black cushions onto which both she and I can stitch all the patches we've been awarded in the past - for Girl Guides/Girls' Brigade and Geocaching!  LOL
I'll leave you with a gratuitous shot of last night's sky - I took this as we went out to walk the dog once it was a bit cooler.  So very pretty....

Hope you all have a good day and I'll try to get around to as many as possible in my lunch!
Happy Hopping!
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