Monday, 30 November 2009

Computers suck.

I hate computers at the moment with a passion. And yet, here I am, sat at a laptop, blogging about it!

I've not blogged for a couple (ok, maybe three) weeks because the main pc is down. It is so down, it's with Dr Geek for repairs. In fact, he's actually trying to resurrect by donating a few internal organs to bring it back to life. First we had the small matter of the nastiest virus on the planet (I'm stil not convinced we totally managed to get rid of it) then the PC threw a total wobbly and now I have to use the laptop. No email. Well, aside from my yahoo account, which makes me feel like I've had a leg cut off.

On the crafting front, I've finally made it back into the craft room. Well, I did once I'd squeezed myself past a load of junk out of the lounge, and had a cursory tidy of the desk. The next UK Stampers CJ has started, and mine is now winging its way to Sarah (Flo), and I've received one from Fi (Magickdiva, of the Inchy by Inch blog). I might even take the plunge and get back into doing some of the online challenges.

Unusally enough for me, I've kind of lost my Christmas mojo - not least because all my "prepare for Christmas" gubbins is on the main PC (sorry, WAS) - and I'm therefore totally unprepared, and missing a load of address which were ALSO on the main PC. Ergo, if you don't get a card from me this year and you normally do, that's the reason why. Sigh....

We're decorating at the moment. A chance remark by myself about the state of the carpet in the dining room (trust me, cheap carpets and peppadew peppers stuffed with cream cheese don't mix!) led to DH researching laminate floor, and one thing kind of led to another. Result - dining room now decorated and we FINALLY have our maing dining table and six of the chairs in there. However, we now have all the bookcases in there as well, out of the lounge, as there is an archway between the two and the laminate floor has to run all the way through the two rooms. So we are now furiously painting and sanding and soon laying laminate, so that it's ready in time for Xmas and the impending Vist from Mother.

Other Family notes - my beloved mother in law, Betty, had to be evacuated from her retirement flat in central Cockermouth. Luckily, she lives on the second floor, and they were evacuated due to the power cuts (high rise living for the Octogenarians without a lift being a no-no), so the only losses she suffered were the contents of her fridge and freezer. She's back in again now, complaining just a very little about the fact that she had fun in her temporary residence because it meant they all had to socialise a little more (I believe she was in a retirement home for the duration).

That'll do for now - will be back again soon with some photos of the CJ. Once I work out how to get them onto the laptop instead of my usual PC, that is! Boo hoo....

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

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