Wednesday, 26 October 2011

WOYWW 125 - the lame, ironic one....

Oh irony of ironies.  The one week when something major has happened to my desk, I lose my WOYWW mojo AND I'm out every night for the rest of the week so know that I'm not going to get around as many desks as usual.

If I feel up to it, and have any time, I'll upload a picture later on.  Duly uploaded, just before midnight!

There are times when I have to smile though.  We're having a real week of "one-in-one-out" as a succession of teens and pre-teens (and even grandparents) troop through the house.  Friday night saw the unexpected arrival of the daughter of one of my BFFs.  Now, Debs is an amazing crafter, and her daughter is used to seeing all sorts.  First comment when she rang her Mum to let her know she'd arrived?  "Mum, you should see the drawers in the craft room...!!!"  ROFL.  Bless.  I'm glad she didn't mention the huge pile of junk that was on the desk at the time!

May see you on the hop, may not - all depends on how the show goes....  TTFN!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Just a brief-ish one from me today because I didn't actually gear this up last night.

Not that there's a lot of point in doing WOYWW this week (all the deets are here) - the old craft workdesk has not changed since last week.  Well, actually it has, but that's been down to Man-activity rather than my own.  He's been doing something DIYish.  I'd better start sorting it out now he's done.

No, instead I was at a Pampered Chef evening last night.  Didn't buy anything.  Did get to see someone turn Yorkshire Puddings into Choux Buns.  Interesting.... No, I didn't try one.  I'm mad, but not THAT mad....

So, for your delight and delectation - here is today's workdesk.  This is where I sit at work.  As you can see, there's not a lot on it - there never is at 8.00am.  But passsing across it today will be four cashbooks, some stationery supplies when they're delivered, invoices that require processing and a shed load of overseas payments that need to be made.  Yup.  My job is really interesting.....

Hopefully, normal service will resume shortly and I can get back to some crafting.  My fingers are starting to itch for something other than scrapbooking.

See you all on the hop!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Monday Monday....

It's been an interesting weekend.  It started Friday with getting home form work and then dragging my sorry arse over to the pub for "ladies night", which is generally like pulling teeth.  I'm sure it's not so bad, but I've never really done the "lets all go down the pub and whinge about our weight/husbands/children/jobs/home/money/lack of money etc etc and so on and so forth"  But I'd invited L out (Mrs to Mr Hat down below) cos she's fab, and so we went.

Another L - ironically, same name exactly, but not married to Mr Hat - decided to join us.  Turned out the only reason she came to the pub for a drink was because I was going!  Not bad, considering I've only lived in the village for 8 weeks...

We all promised ourselves we'd only go for an hour or so.  Five hours later I crept back across the road and into the cottage, managing to get into bed without waking Mr B.  Not that it would have been a problem if I had, but he looked so sweet, out sparko, snoring gently.  Me n' the L's had a fab time.  A real hoot.  We were just gassing, but we managed to avoid whinging about our weight/husbands/children/jobs/home/money/lack of money and instead opted for lengthy discussions on weight loss, boob reductions, methods of hair removal, the delights of curry, Halloween parties and spreadsheets.  Yes, spreadsheets.  It appears Mr HAt and L#1 need some assistance in the merchandising department, and I agreed to help L#1 learn the art of Microsoft Excel.

Next day I get two almost identical texts from the two L's, each one bemoaning their hangover.  I managed to avoid one, though how I'm not sure...

Saturday Me and the B's went into Salisbury to do some shopping etc.  When we got home, before launching into a frenzy of cleaning and tidying, we found ourselves having to sit Lil Miss down and have a long chat on the delights of make-up and what she should or shouldn't be wearing at the tender age of 11.  And, more importantly, why she shouldn't be lying to us about wearing it  - she's taken to sneaking make-up on after we've left the house in the morning.  Mr B and I appreciate that if we lay down the law and demand that she doesn't do it, this is the result, so I've managed to talk him down from changing her school bus to one that goes from his school, and chaining her to her bed out of school hours (LOL) and we've agreed that she can wear some but she has to abide by what we think is appropriate.  Neutral, barely there.  Not Avril Lavigne smoke-eyes.  And only wearing decent quality makeup, not cheap pound-shop/market rubbish.  And she's buying it out of her pocket money.  Sheesh.  It's hard being a Mum. 

Hopefully, we've succeeded.

Saturday night was spent having a wine and cheese evening with a work colleague of Mr B and her husband.  Much merriment.  Except this time I had wine and if I'd finished my third glass, I'd have had a hangover to rival that of the two L's!

Sunday - quiet day.  We went to the tip, located a geocache en route, and then made ourselves known to PVADS, the local AmDram group.  As soon as we had, we were dragged into the current production, with Mr B working as a stage hand and yours truly standing in as prompt.  Nice to be wanted....

So today we are....

• listening -  to nothing - lunchtime silence in the office!

• eating – ryvita and reduced fat hoummous - mmmmmmm.
• drinking - a leukwarm coffee.
• wearing - charcoal grey trousers and blue jumper.  Having to be normal at work sucks.
• feeling - tired, but fairly chilled considering I'm at work.  Oh no, wait, that's cos the heating is off.
• weather - cloudy and a bit inclined to rain.
• wanting - the next three hours to pass at high speed so I'm not bored.
• needing - more sleep.
• thinking - I should be getting back to work.
• enjoying - rediscovering my goth/metal roots.
• wondering - if I can score any tickets to the gig at the Brixton Academy at the weekend.....


Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Wooo!  It's after midnight so I'll be an early poster for a change!  For the newbies out there - I'm talking about WOYWW, all the info can be found HERE where you can hop on the magical mystery tour....

I'll keep it brief cos, as I said, it's after midnight and I've just turned into a pumpkin.  Or at least, I feel like one!

Not much change to the ol' desk this week.  I've shuffled a couple of boxes and taken a couple of things out of one of them, but other than that, not a lot of change.  Although I would point out that wobbly man seems to be doing his impersonation of C-3PO at the moment!  LOL.  Well, had to make a bit of an obvious change, otherwise the desk would look exactly the same as last week.

Crafting wise, there has been zero activity.  However, we DID go and see Blackmore's Night play at Salisbury City Hall on Saturday - absolutely ACE gig, and we hung around after and chatted to the keyboard guy (Dave) and the woodwind guy (Albert), and Lil Miss B got her photo taken with Albert.  Didn't get to chat to Ritchie Blackmore, but we figured we'd hung around long enough and Lil Miss B was ready for bed!  I would have taken more photos (they're on my phone at the mo) but I've never seen such high security at an event.  The bouncers were on the hot lookout for anyone using a camera or phone and confiscating them if they caught someone.  I got a couple of pics of the empty stage, and one of Albert opening the show, but that was it. 

Equally, it's been an interesting week.  You know how it is, you've got chatty/friendly with someone who is the parent of XXXX, one of the kids in your partner's class at school.  And several months later you find out that said parent is actually someone rather famous in certain circles, and whose band you *cough* idolised in your teens.... 20+ years is a long time, gimme a break, I didn't recognise him straight away.... LOL..... Cue rummaging in your album collection and a music fest of gothic proportions..... No?  Must be just me then.....

Forgive me if I don't mention his name or his band, but he's pretty cagey about what he does (I don't think the locals around here are ready for that bombshell) and it would affect XXXX's relationship with her friends if they knew her dad was famous.  Likewise, I've not told Lil Miss B (and she never reads my blog, so not an issue) because she genuinely likes her; we'd prefer them to be friends because they get on well, not because of who XXXX's Dad is.... I'm sad to say it but Lil Miss B can be a tad shallow sometimes!

Back to WOYWW - I didn't manage everyone last week - BT Broadband had a hissy fit on me again on Sunday.  I hope you're all keeping well though!

Catch you on the hop....

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Time for the weekly WOYWW - this one is a little hurried as I'm at work! 

Quick pics today to show that nothing has changed - the desk is still piled pretty high but that's normal around here for the moment.  It wasn't helped by having lots of visitors over the weekend (not all of them expected!) as well as going to a crop (more on that in a mo).

Anyway, the crop was successful - I managed to do these layouts (much to Lil Miss B's disgust!).  The Easter LO was a lucky hit - I'd had this TLC page kit for YONKS, never expecting to be able to use it and I'd forgotten about it.  Then came these pics and the colours match perfectly. 

Julia asked me when I last did a layout - I worked out it was 2007, and so far I've done 11 in total, including the 4 this weekend.  As Julia pointed out, any average is better than none!!!
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