Thursday, 29 August 2013

It's Thursday,

and today I am:
  • listening - to my workmates chatter - at home to anything Lil Miss B is playing, usually on a random mixup.
  • eating – Ainsley Herriot's Hot & Sour cup a soup, with salt and vinegar crisps for lunch
  • drinking - apple and blackcurrant squash, or coffee
  • wearing - my turquoise Per Una skirt and a turquoise t-shirt, white shoes
  • feeling - feeling exhausted after house moves and poor sleep.
  • weather - cloudy with sunny spells, temp about 26 degrees
  • wanting - sleep
  • needing - sleep
  • thinking - bed would be nice right about now
  • enjoying - living so close to work - no more 1 hour drive home!
  • wondering - if we'll ever be able to afford our own home.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013



And back again in another place…

Well, I’ve been here a couple of weeks but the last two weeks were too much mayhem for actually getting anything posted and we didn’t have broadband for the first week, or wifi till the second.  Situation normal now but we have creative chaos….

Back to boxes on the desk!   Stay tuned for developments – not sure I’ll be unpacking much though!


Wednesday, 7 August 2013




 More of the same from me this week I'm afraid - but this time next week I'll have moved!  

Enjoy your hop around the globe on the 
WOYWW  bus with the marvellous Mrs Dunnit's as your driver.... See you soon!
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