Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Hello again!

Back here for another WOYWW-fest.  If you're in the dark about WOYWW - pop on over to visit Mrs WOYWW herself for all the deets.

Still not a great deal of change.  I guess it's a big like a giant chess or chequers game - see if you can spot what's moved from last week.  We're going for a different angle today so that peeps can see that it's not a hovering UFO but my daylight, magnifying desk lamp, and that's not a fluted doodad from a dyson but actually a glass vase that I'm improving on.  We-ell - I hope I'm improving it!  Still got to finish the silver leafing, but we're nearly there!

So. Have a happy hop today, and I'll see you around....


Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Just a quickie from me, becuuse the report from my desk is basically ditto last week, with a photo taken today. LOL. I didn't get round to putting my photo up last week but perhaps that's a good thing as they'd look the same, with just some glass shuffling going on! 

Anyway - have fun hopping round the world courtesy of the lovely Julia with WOYWW
And I will catch you on yours - one hopes!

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