Wednesday, 24 May 2017

WOYWW 416 - 8th Anniversary!


It's been a while (Christmas 2016!!!) since I last joined in with WOYWW. Not too sure why not but I think I'm just suffering from crafting fatigue. I rarely make cards any more. Haven't kept Project Life up to date. And I've just pottered with an odd bit here and there. Embroidery, knitting, crochet.

(latest knitting project)
Today, my desk looks like this because I'm at work. The one at home, bit of a mess! It's got things to sell piled up on it mostly. I can't get a photo today because I forgot this morning, and this afternoon I'm heading straight down to Cornwall from work for a very good reason I can't share for now. I'll see if Mr B can send a pic later for me to add....

I will however make an ATC swap provided no-one minds waiting till after the weekend for it - I don't think I have time tomorrow evening as I'm straight back from Cornwall to packing for a weekend in Lincolnshire!

Happy Anniversary everyone !

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