Wednesday, 28 November 2012


My WOYWW is another non-event this week really.  My apologies to all my visitors from last week - I did get round to many of you but didn't leave a message - it was mostly a quick hop and skip and you have my apologies for not spending more time at each of you.... bad Morti, BAD Morti....

Here's my desk, covered with the current debris of me trying to come up with some Angels for a certain swap... Mr Mojo has left the building and taken my muse with him.

I will be popping by sometime this week, that's for sure - keep a cuppa on the go for me!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

WOYWW 181 - not...

Mary Anne, bless her, has left a comment on WOYWW 180 wondering where 181 is. 
That’s the thing.  This week, technically, there’s no 181.  But I’ve elected to slap up a picture of my work desk today just to keep up the numbers, so to speak.
Regrettably, family life is getting in the way more important this week.  Normal service will resume shortly.  And then be interrupted again when I go for my op (two weeks tomorrow!) but after that I’ll be off work for a while and I’m hoping to try and get round everyone at least once while I’m off.  Maybe on Boxing Day.... shhhh.....
Apologies to everyone I’ve not made it round to from last week – family life, like I said.  For those who suggested the Ranger labels as per the web for my Distress Inks – one jump ahead of you guys, one jump ahead. Thank you for your help though.  Folks should note that Ranger have yet to add the spring and summer labels to the PDF, you need to create your own.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Short and sweet from me tonight as there's a lot going on in the house of Mort, and it ain't crafting, sadly...

So, it's another round of WOYWW - for the deets go here - and whilst I've not done an awful lot this week I'm working on a fairly major project.

So, here's my desk.... you can see new storage for the distress inks.  They need labels!  Something else to do, eh?  And there's a lap tray - desk no 3 if you're keeping count - and the latest project on it. 

Come closer....

No, I do not have a tiny alien or robot on my desk, it's the light catching a red bauble behind a polystyrene ball that makes it look like two glowing eyes on a fat white alien with a red head....LOL

No, closer than that....

There it is!

I learned a new word this week.  Icosahedron.  I'd always known it, so to speak, but now it's buried in my mind.  It's a twenty sided shape, which just so happens to be the shape the black bugle beads make, buried under the 20 points of this star.  I know it well, because I had to unpick the lot and restart because the instructions were wrong at the very outset.  I'm sure Spellbound Beads don't think they are wrong, but I do - there is no way to make this whole star if you make your Icosahedron with double thread....  I digress...  This is a Gothika Tassel from Spellbound Beads and I'm making it as a gift for some friends of mine.  I'm sure they'll love it.
Edited to add - I've updated this blog with a picture of what the icosahedron part of the star looks like.  The shape above is actually a stellar icosahedron which is a 20 sided shape with star points added and is actually a 60 sided shape, or to give it its full name, a hexacontahedron.  My brain hurts.....

Adios - see you on the hop!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Drummed out of school.....

Scrappymo! asked me on Wednesday if the drumming out of school thing (see this post) is the norm where we live.  We-ell, it sort of is, and it sort of isn't.... let me explain:

At the time, we were living near a town called Warminster (clue is in the name!) and Lil Miss B went to one of several primary schools there.  For non-locals, Warminster is on the edge of Salisbury Plain (where all our military come to practice their war play) and is home to the 3rd Battalion of The Yorkshire Regiment.  Their barracks is there, and many of the army children go to primary schools in Warminster.  I think there's 5 or 6 primary schools which feed into a big 1000 strong secondary academy.

So, on the last day of term, the regiment split up and send several soldiers out to each of the schools and drum them out.  It's a lovely custom, and not only pays homage to the children themselves, but the links the schools have with the families and the soldiers themselves.  3rd Yorks in particular have suffered heavy losses in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the schools have to deal with the fall out on the children of the soldiers who have died...
We've now moved to the other side of the Plain, and it doesn't seem to happen over here, even though there are lots more barracks!  Hopefully, one or two of other Wiltshire WOYWWers will be able to confirm or deny if this happens in Larkhill, Tidworth or Bulford, or if it really is unique to Warminster.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

WOYWW 179....nothing to see here....

....move along!

Oh?  You want to see my desk for WOYWW??

Oh, ok then!

As you can see, a right royal mess!

And here is the double layout that is lurking on here, waiting to be put in the album.  My one and only offering of scrapbooking from the crop on Saturday.  Granted I didn't get there until lunchtime, but Mr Mojo had left the building before I arrived.  I'd been meaning to scrap this for months, so it finally got done!  And the layout is of a truly momentous occasion - the day Lil Miss B left primary school, with the 3rd Yorkshire Regiment drumming the leavers out of school... I'm so glad I got to see it!

Nothing else for you today, so run along now....or head back to Julia's for the linky list and the deets about why I'm baring my desk to you today!

Ha!  Short and sweet, bet you weren't expecting THAT!
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