Wednesday, 22 December 2010

WOYWW 81 - Merry Christmas one and all

Oops!  Nearly forgot about WOYWW today.  With all one's timetable being pushed out of kilter (no panto, Mum staying etc) I forgot today was WOYWW.

So, at the mo, no picture of my desk - I'll add one tonight before Lil Miss B goes to bed (she's sleeping in the office at the mo).  I'll probably also add pics of them ice-skating, cos it's my work's Children's Christmas Party this afternoon and there's an ice-rink at the holiday camp where it's being held.  Working in HR means I get to go whether I have a child or not (ROFLMAO) but this year it is nice to be there for the right reason!

For now, I will sign off and say Merry Christmas to you all.  I hope you all have a fantastic time, and may your waistbands be elasticated! 


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

WOYWW 80 - the oh cr*p one

Here we are again, WOYWWing with the world.  For more info, for those completely clueless as to what I've just said, go to Julia's place to find out exactly what I'm on about.

Me - here's my desk.  A hive of industry.  Quite literally, seeing as there's a load of scrap lead frame (that's lead sounding leed not lead sounding led) which I was originally going to use to make a Christmas decoration for the competition at work.  Except that I'm not now, as the deadline is today and we had panto last night and and and.... well, time just ran out on me. 

Hence the oh cr*p in the title.  I've not written a single Christmas card and posted it yet.  Actually, that's a lie, cos I did the one I needed to send to Oz.  But otherwise? Nada.

The other major item on my desk is the bunting from the bunting swap.  Yay and thrice yay!  I will put up a photo once I've strung it all and found a good home for it.

Never let it be said, though, that I don't do any crafting.  This week I've just finished and posted my decorations for the Christmas Decoration swap on UK Stampers.  I did five in total, one in modern colours like immediately below, and four in the red and gold (further down).  I used Lord TH's alcohol inks to colour (can't remember which ones for the mo, but can find them if anyone is really that interested!), Inkadinkado and Habico stamps, Gold Krylon and clear UTEE.  Simples!

Yipes!  Gotta run - late for work..... Catch you on the hop!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

WOYWW 79 - the hurried one

Hurried because I should have left for work ten minutes ago!!!

Morning all!  Welcome to another WOYWW, and if you don't know what that is, go HERE to find out.  Jingle-some Julia (in the spirit of bells and Christmas, that is) is our guide, or maybe even just a rally point, for the wonder that is WOYWW. 

One thing I must redress - Welcome to my list of followers, Lavinia!

Well, last week I had most of you doing acrobatics at your desk.  Mr B thought some of your comments hilarious (as did I)  with them bringing to mind ladies with their heads cocked at funny angles to try and get a sense of the pic.

This week you'll be pleased to see that normality has returned mwahahahahah at least that's what everyone else thinks....

After the mayhem of last weeks desk, I managed to catch a shot of Lil Miss B in action (ok, this particular picture was taken on Friday night, and I was actually trying to get her to go to bed, but she's turning into a proper crafter with a "I just gotta....."  ROFL

Here is this morning's mayhem on my desk.  And overspill onto the chair.  I got barracked by Mr B for not tidying up after myself, but oh ho, who left the bits on my chair and didn't put them away?

Then we have the desk itself.  A polyglot mix of birthday and Christmas card manufacturing, with cards in various stages of work.  Finished ones, half finished ones, half started ones and then naked snowmen.....LOL  I think that one was a project for the halflings in Mr B's school.  Lurking on my WOYWW easel is a Tilda that Lil Miss B proudly coloured in with my Copics.  I didn't tremble much while she was using them, honest guv!

And so, finally, the ubiquitous Christmas Tree shot.  I love to put up a picture of my tree for my friends who can't get to my house and to say "Merry Christmas".  I love trees and decorations and stuff.  This year we're doing the "frosted american wedding cake" look..... heheheheheheh never let it be said I under-dress a tree 

So come on then, how do YOU dress yours?  Share a pic when you share a desk!!!

Catch you around...... 

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

WOYWW 78 - the quiet one

I'm running late this week, and I don't have an awful lot to say.  To such an extent am I late, that I took this photo on the fly this morning with my phone camera.  And I'm typing this at work. 

So here you go - the desk in all it's glory post child.  Or even during child.

Nuff said.

Or at least it would be if Blogger would let me upload the correct picture!  Having said that, the photo is kind of apt as my craft room does seem to be a bit upside down at the mo!

Go to the delightful Miss Dunnit's Stamping Ground blog to track down more such desk-related delights!  Catch you around guys....
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