Saturday, 31 May 2008

Inchy Saturday...

Well, at least it's not late!

Over on MagickDiva's blog, there's a link to her Inchy by Inch blog where she sets a challenge every Monday... This week is all about postal art, and here is my entry! There is also blog candy up for grabs courtesy of Nina at Purple Faerie and her blog can be found HERE ((((Ooh! Just learned how to do hyperlinks!!!! ROFL)))

I've basically used stamps, in a collage format, added 1" in stamped numbering (bottom right hand corner) and added a charm which is a pair of notes.... geddit?????? ROFL

I may just have a stab at the next one when Fi puts them up!

I've also added four more entries for the team challenge to Auntys Forum which are as follows. For once I'm going to pat myself on the back - these are good, even for me, and I seem to have ramped up my game a bit be honest, the photos don't really do these cards justice.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Funny Friday

Last night I re-discovered how much fun it can be to just sit on here in a chat room with a couple of mates and bottle of pear cider. Now we're at it again....

The trouble is that you have to be there to "get" it, as copying and pasting what gets said after the event just ain't funny any more. But I have as much of a laugh on line as I do in real life. Sometimes it's actually funnier - there's no preconceptions of what a person is going to be like, they just spout funny stuff and you find yourself falling off your chair, crying with laughter. At least, I hope everyone else does.

Otherwise I'm just another nutter.....

Thursday, 29 May 2008


We just went over the 1000 visitors mark!!!!!


Inspirational Cathy

Well, I had to come back on here and blog properly.

Another funny thing has happened. Kind of, though you as a reader may not think so. It's just one of THOSE things.

Every once in a while I think to myself "ooh, wonder what my fellow bloggers are blogging these days" and I hit one of the links over to the right to see what's up with my blogbuds. One thing usually leads to another, or as they say right here in blogland, one blog leads to another. So I went from Grendel to Bubba (you're going to try that in a mo, aren't you? See how I did it?) and from Bubba's blog I found the Scrappin' Rapper (yes really) which led to YouTube and I found Cathy Zielske. Except I didn't. I found some mad bird doing odd interviews and general humour plus a piss-take of Tom Cruise and Scrap Porn..... HEHEHEHEHEHE..... and eventually ended up back on her blog. I got there in the end. Her blog is linked to on the right - called "Bits & Pieces".

And I just want to say - Way to go, Cathy! You're an inspiration that us girls can do it just as well as Grendel and Bubba. We CAN take the mickey out of our hobby. We don't only have to blog what we've been doing and saying "what a good girl am I, here is my latest loorollpencilpotturnedintoacookiecutter."

Somewhere along the way I forgot who is me. Sorry Debs, it sounded funnier than "I am". And ME includes wit, humour, occasional rumbunctiousness, a most DEFINITE naughty side. Yes Debs, I'm referring to him.... And I REALLY really have to stop worrying about who is reading this. As long as it's not my other half, that is....LOL

So from now on, this blog is going to change. Oh yes, I'll still have my latest loorollpencilpotturnedintoacookiecutter, but I'll try and be funny with it. And if you don't like my particular brand of humour.... find another blog.


I said it.

Now where is that photo of my loorollpencilpotturnedintoacookiecutter?

PS. Cathy - I hope you don't mind that I snagged your photo from your blog......!!!

Evening all!

Funny how time runs away with you, isn't it? Blink, and you miss everything. I last posted on Sunday. Now it's Thursday. How'd that happen???? LOL

I've finally got around to blogging the cards I made over the weekend. So here, for your delight and delectation, are the following!

First off the block is this 3D decoupage horse card. Very basic and simple, it's basically what it says on the tin. Layered onto some other card and then a whispy like affair that I can't for the life of me remember what it's called.... LOL. It's NOT Angel hair. At least, I don't think so... At any rate, it was a commission for a birthday at work! Woohoo...

Next up we have 4 Christmas cards. Yep, they're the usual 4 cards I make every month for SSCC. And as usual I've combined them with the Monthly Team Challenge on Aunty's Forum, which this month is all about Silhouettes.

Interesting point of note with these last two - the background behind the silhouette is made by wrapping an elastic band around a plain rubber brayer, and then inking the brayer with dye ink. A couple of passes across some plain white card and Voila! Instant desert scene complete with sand storm....

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Baking Day

Yep. I'm crazy. Officially.

Tomorrow is my birthday. So what do I spend today doing? Baking! Well, I've done a lot of ironing and washing too, but I've been baking.

Why? I hear you ask..

Well, because I'm HR at my workplace. On birthdays we're expected to buy everyone in our office cakes. I'd rather bake them. And I'd feel bad if anyone got left out - which means that because I work with EVERYONE in the company, I have to provide cakes for 68 members of staff.... silly me....

Yesterday I made a batch of Tiffin, today I have done a second one and have also made two Bakewell Tarts. And I'm about to make a couple of sponges..... Tomorrow, because I really AM nuts, I'm making a couple of Jamaica Ginger Cakes, and some Chocolate Coconut Cake. Doolally, me.

Two pictures of Tiffin...

and my Bakewell (the second one was in the oven when I took this!

We've been invited round to my brother's place for dinner tonight, so that will be nice!!! At least that means I won't have to cook......

Monday, 12 May 2008

What a weekend that was!

Well, for starters, Saturday night we went (well, DH went and I got dragged along for the ride) to see Girls Aloud perform live at the Bournemouth Internation Centre (BIC for short). All I can say is - they were OK. The sound was a bit crap, so Nicola and Kimberley sounded a bit like Minnie Mouse when they sang, and I would like to say YAY! to Sarah who proved she has as big and as good a voice as Nadine. Cheryl - you need to eat, love.

Sorry the pictures are a bit crap, but I only had my camera phone with me, but here are a few choice shots from the gig.... as you can see - they started out suspended on wires above the stage. Quite spectacular, but ultimately utterly pointless!

On Sunday we went over to Corfe Castle in Dorset, had a look around the castle, then went onto Worth Matravers and took a walk down to Winspit followed off by stopping at Swanage before driving home. The weather was fantastic, as these pictures show.

I'd also like to wish my late Dad a very happy birthday for today - bless you Dad.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Back from Carew - UPDATED

Back from a fantastic weekend with Wolfshead Bowmen, at Carew Castle near Tenby in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The weather was extremely kind to us - we always say that a good event is one where we both pitch and strike the camp in the dry...

This was our campsite at the foot of Carew castle. You can see the campfire (many an evening spent around this!) in the middle, and my tent is to the left - the green and white striped humbug.

My tent. It's a 15th Century Burgundian, made by a lovely company called Past Tents. Rough dimensions - 27' long, 13' wide by 9' tall, approx.

Close up of the campfire. Of the two men stood there, the one in the black and yellow sweatshirt is my brother, the one in the brown T-shirt is my DH...

Sunset on the 3rd May

Sunset on the 4th May

L-R, Helen, Becca, Pam, H, Tom & Pippa

Justin having a "moment" cos Katie is leaning on his head.... LOL

Friday, 2 May 2008

Fab Friday!

Hello again! Time for some more cards!

The cards below were all part of the April Challenge on Aunty's Forum (following on from my previous post!). We had to follow a sketch, and I did my very best, though it was hard work trying to keep within certain parameters....

Continuing on the same theme, I also made some Christmas Cards for my SSCC quota. My Xmas cards are about the only thing I'm keeping up with!

Here they are....

Until next time!
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