Wednesday, 25 May 2016

WOYWW 365 - the 7th Anniversary one.

Hello deskers!  We're at it again!  Another desk view (pretty much the same as last week in fact) and a chance to sign up for an ATC swap to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of this wonderous blog hop we call home. Albeit a messily creative one.  Thank you, Julia, for starting this crazy adventure for us all, and becoming our friend in so many ways, and being an enabler that's made friends of all of us.  I hope you are well on the road to recovery.... And thank you LLJ for being the star you are!

I will be swapping ATCs - I'm out at crop tonight making mine and I'm happy to swap with more folks than just the one following me.... Let me know if you're interested!  I'm going to make about a dozen but can easily do more....

I have had such a busy day - I took photos this morning to post this, and here I am at 19:11 frantically typing up today's post as I should be out and about again by now.  So much for sneakily doing it at work today!

My desk, as you can see, is pretty dull.. .  The second desk however, has the in-progress makings of a rather lovely card on it.  I can't lay claim to this one.  This is all Lil Miss B's handiwork.  Unfortunately, it's actually my birthday card, she hasn't quite got the hang of this subterfuge lark and forgets to tidy away secretive stuff.  Doh!

Isn't it lovely?  Shadow stamping, and metallics, and card candy.  She's got the hang of the less is more approach, and she does make me quite proud with what she can turn out.  sigh...

I remembered to take a picture of the good luck card from last week though!

So, see you on the hop once you've linked up over at Lunch Lady Jan's Fabric Frenzy!!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Hello there! It's another week and another chance to joining WOYWW, although some of you could be forgiven for wondering who on earth I am I'm here so rarely!

In the spirit of keeping things going and making sure numbers don't fall for the next couple of weeks I will definitely be joining in while Julia has her operation and helping to support Jan in her Linky endeavours. I'm not sure why I have such a struggle to join in these days, but it might just be that we are insanely busy. I've joined fortnightly crop and a monthly crop, and I'm rehearsing singing with Salisbury Musical Society for a concert in mid June at the Cathedral - more on that at a later date. We're also gearing up for the next panto again already. Oh yes we are!

My desk this week is showing the signs of a post cardmaking session. I don't get much opportunity or time to sit and make cards but on this occasion it was necessary as Lil Miss B has started her GCSEs and I couldn't let the occasion pass without making her a good luck card. I also made one to match for her best friend. Stupidly enough, I forgot to take a photograph.

Mr B has also been busy sat next to me, with his soldering tools. Aside from making some adjustments to a lampshade, he has been helping me with a special order for the business.

Et voilĂ !

Hare Moon Crafts had an order for a pair of cufflinks with a little girls fingerprints in, for her daddy for his wedding day. The bride collected them last weekend and was delighted! I'm so pleased and although I know they won't see this I wish them well in their future life.

So join in, do.... The Linky tool is at LLJs...Hope you're enjoying the restful holiday Julia!

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