Sunday, 2 April 2006

Where is Spring?

So much for me doing a daily blog.

I'm just starting to get over this flu-ey cold that has had me grounded for the last week. Started with a sore throat, then grotty nose, then fever, dizziness, the shakes, and finally a rotten cough. One week after I start with it, my DH Nick has come down with it. Only he doesn't have the luxury of going back to bed in the mornings - he has to work so we can eat. And boy does he work!

I'm wondering if it's ever going to stop raining! We've had over 8 inches of rain in the Limousin during March, and it still hasn't stopped. Well, by that I mean that it's intermittent, but there's no sign of there being any long term let up in the weather. When the sun does come out, it baking hot, but it's not out for long enough to dry up the mud that surrounds our grounds. So I'm on a constant battle to keep our floors clean and mud free.

The plants are starting to wake up - the cherry tree is covered in buds and it's starting to blossom. However, if it doesn't stop raining, we won't get any fruit this year - the rain will wash all the pollen out of the flowers and the fruit won't set. There's plenty of daffs and pansies etc around and my "Coeur de Marie" or Broken Heart plant which I planted last year has done beautifully. I'm so glad! At least the rain should mean that a) my Arum lilies flower this year- last years drought meant we got nothing! and b) we should hopefully avoid a hosepipe ban. Last year the authorities even put a ban on the farmers from watering their crops.....
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