Wednesday, 29 February 2012

WOYWW 143 - The Leap Year Day episode....

Aside from today being one day in four years that is uber special - and no, I will not be proposing to Mr B because he's already told me if do, he's saying no - there's nothing particularly interesting about my desk this week.

It's still being held partially to ransom by Lil Miss B and The Beads (sounds like a band!) but I've managed to squeeze my way on there to do a little bit of Project Life.  It's not working out too well at the moment, as the colours of the photos look fine on screen, but when I print them, they come out...well.... kinda purplish.  Need a rethink there!  I suspect the rethink will be along the lines of producing the files and sending them to Photobox as photos to print, but we'll see.  In the meantime, if anyone else has a better idea, or knows what I'm doing wrong, please shout!  I have been using "best" quality to print.....

OK, some of you asked last week to see a pic of Lil Miss B's bracelet.  Well, here's several in close up.  It really is a work of jewellery art - ever single link has a charm or bead hanging off it.  I've not included every shot I took, we'd be here all night!  Remember though, t'was NOT me that made it but some very talented Ebay lady.

Here are her finished earrings:

Well, if that whole post has bemused you, head off to Dunnit Dimensions, aka The Stanmping Ground for more info on WOYWW, and to start your blog hop.

I'll leave you with a farewell from my furbabies, Arwen and Twig, enjoying Sunday's sunshine while I did some gardening!  Funnily enough, this picture makes them look like they're the same size, yet Arwen is almost half as big again as Twig!  Perspective, eh?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

WOYWW 142 - this is not the desk you are looking for.....

Hello there!

Sorry, couldn't resist the urge to warp one of the most famous movie quotes of all time... You see, this week, my desk isn't quite how I thought it would be.

Aliens have moved in.

Namely of variety.

I give you exhibit A:

Now, I hasten to add that I am not anti-pink, it's just not me.  I'm more of a purple girl, myself.  But Lil' Miss B is a hot pink girlie, especially when teamed with black and white (and especially with skull and crossbones with hot pink bows...think Pink Cookie) and thus this week's desk is courtesy of Lil' Miss B's Jewellery Design Studio.  With supplies by Morti.  To be fair, she's just after some earrings to match her Avril Lavigne bracelet....

.... which I am VERY sorry to say I wasn't responsible for (not enough Christmas hours in a day, y'know?) but which I have referred to recently as having been broken.  Well, I didn't end up contacting the lady who made it - instead I attached a lobster claw clasp, figuring that for her tender years, it would probably be up to little more punishment.  Thinking about it, you can't tell from the photo above why it's an Avril Lavigne bracelet - it has lots of tiny pictures of her dotted around it.  And Lil Miss B being an AL junkie..... suffice to say she loves it.

No siree, this week I had hoped that my desk would be tidy, and it would have some arty farty interesting work on it.  But no.

So instead, witness Exhibit B.  For some reason I feel moved to show you the states of under and beside my desk.  Yup.  The previously tidy surface is belying What Lies Beneath (ooh, another film reference, go me!) and as you can see, I'm also a push it back, push it to the side, push it under girl.  Ho hum.

I don't think I've shown this side of the room before... I can honestly say I am not responsible for all the stuff on the shelves!  At least, oooh, one or two boxes belong to the family, like the big RUB on top, which is filled with envelopes of varying sizes for the domestic use of.

I have done a little crafting this week.  It was my Goddaughter's 15th birthday on Monday, so I made and sent this card to her.  I think she liked it - I did one similar last year with purples, and the figure was sitting down.  I love Kenny K's digi stamps.

Bless me, nearly forgetting myself.  In case you've arrived here from some distant planet, or indeed QVC (nudge nudge, wink wink), you're probably wondering why I'm flashing my stash.  And my desk.  Etc.  Well, head over to Dunnit Dimensions and all will be revealed.

Meanwhile, from me and Wiggy here - catch you on the bloghop!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

WOYWW 141 - A change of scene....

Welcome to WOYWW once more!  The Wonder of WOYWW is once more upon us.  Ok, I'll shut up now.... hehehehe.

For those who think I'm raving mad, as opposed to just mad, head on over to The Stamping Ground where most, if not all, will be revealed.

Just for a change, I've been working on my other desk.  I've been improving my knowledge and skills with Adobe Photoshop Elements this week, with a view to taking part in Project Life, as it seems kinda fun and will progress some skills on the PC for me.  Who knows where it may lead?

So, what do we see on my desk?

The usual computer sundries - printer, keyboard, cables.  Yes, my mouse really is a cute VW Beetle.  Yup, those are pink socks.  I have a general hatred of light when I'm trying to sleep, and the computer desk tends to light up like the flight deck of the Starship Enterprise at night, with lights we really can't completely get rid of.  Like the Broadband hub.  And one or two standby lights.  So everything we can't switch off, we cover up.  The webcam is covered simply because I'm paranoid.  Why I don't unplug it, I don't know!   Two coffee cups, one empty, one full.  This is because beloved Mr B brought me up a second cuppa to replace the first, then promptly went to bed without taking the empty downstairs, and me not wanting to disturb our mutts, I've left it there too.  (I hasten to add, this photo was taken Tuesday night, and by the time I went to bed, second cup was also empty.)

My other desk this week is showing some signs of movement.  Seems like wobbly man has spawned a mini-me!  There's also some evidence of Valentine's work, but that's a rare aberration and should be taken at face value only.....LOL.....

Just along the wall from my desk, some of my storage.  With stuff precariously balanced on top as usual!  Hmmm, seems like the bed is taking a hit too.....

Ah yes, a small amount of stash to go with my foray into Project Life.  Nice new scrapbook folder, some coloured cardstock mats, and photo paper.  And a cute ribbon.  Go The Range!

Well, that's all I'm prepared to bare for this week - catch you on the blog-hop!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

WOYWW 140 - the one where I've actually done some work...

Welcome back to WOYWW, the weekly wonder that is hosted by the delightful Mrs D over at The Stamping Ground.  And fame has struck at last for she has been highlighted by Craft Stamper magazine.  Having seen a steady increase in numbers over the last couple of weeks, anyone care to place a bet on us hitting the 200 participant mark this week?  My little number grid only goes up to 180 - I'll have to make it bigger this week!

I managed to get round almost everyone who visited me.  Life got in the way a tad, I'm afraid.

So, my desk.

I've actually been working at it, and this is how it was left Tuesday night.  Regrettably, Mr B still hasn't managed to make his Thank You card so muggins yours truly here has elected to do them for him.  Except that I thought I'd ask my cutting machine to help out, but then overtaxed it by asking it to do something a little too intricate.  Back to square one as I go over the cutting lines to make them a bit deeper.  So much for just "popping" out the shape, eh?  Silly me.....

What else is on my desk - quite a bit of nothing in particular, but there, over to the left at the front you can see a bracelet belonging to Lil Miss B that she actually managed to break the T-bar of (need to contact the lady who made it to get that part replaced!) the clasp. 

At the back of my desk you can see my new copic storage, which was a complete bargain.  Free!  I spotted this cute X divided cube in a new catalogue given to me by our stationery rep at work, and as I happened to flick through the cataloge while in a meeting with him and his boss, I exclaimed in delight at seeing it - just what I've been looking for.  They laughed and asked a few probing questions - this morning, a free sample turns up at work for me.  How cool is that?  It's made by Deflecto, and it's called X divided Crystal Cube, if you're interested.  Cheapest I've seen online is about £3.60 each, + p&p, which means it doesn't break the bank, and I will definitely be acquiring a couple more.

Well, time to be hopping!  Catch you around - hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

WOYWW 139....coff.....splutter....

Just a quickie for WOYWW from me this week.  There's no desk photo - there's no point.  My mojo went on a hike.  Or maybe it was just too cold-saturated to raise its weak and weary head to do anything creative.

In answer to a couple of recent questions:

No, I didn't get the part of Ma Larkin, but that of Edith Pilchester, the nervous 40-something who wears tweed and occasionally gets her tonsils tickled by Pop Larkin.

No, Mr B did not manage to get his thank you cards made.  They're still not sat next to the 'With Regret' card I haven't made.  It's been that bad this week....

But!  I did manage to finish the Hong Kong card and I figured I could at least share that with you....

I have to say, I love it, and it has drawn several WOWs of approval from the folks at work.  V. cool!

Lastly, I want to share with you what I consider a lucky escape.  At about 1am on Sunday morning, Mr B and I both woke up having been disturbed by a bang followed by two smaller thuds.  He sat bolt upright in bed, looked around a bit startled (at least, his movements suggested that - it was pitch black) and flopped back down into bed, soon to be snoring softly.  I laid awake for a minute or two, wondering what it was, figuring maybe the shade had popped off the wall light, and then having ascertained that the world wasn't coming to an end fell back to sleep.

Next morning I discovered this....

Seems that when I slid my watch onto the bedside table before turning the light out, I must have nudged the battery (which was on its side) against the nail clippers.  The resulting short circuit overheated the battery and BANG.  The two smaller thuds I worked out were after the battery shot across the cabinet, hit my watch which fell onto a book (thud) and then bounced off that onto the floor (second thud).

Someone must have been watching out for me - this all happened about a foot away from my face...... ulp.....

Catch you on the hop!
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