Wednesday, 27 May 2015

WOYWW 312 - 6 years!

Gosh it's the sixth anniversary! Where has the time gone?? Thank you, Julia, for making it possible each week!

I'm a bit late playing today, but better late than never! It's been a bit of a busy day today and I didn't leave work until 7.00pm.

So, my desk...

The usual mayhem, coupled with all my lovely ATCs from the crop. Nothing exciting happening here today, partly because....

Yup, t'was my birthday on the 26th! Got some lovely presents including some fab stash which for some obscure reason I haven't photographed!

Beloved Mr B gave me a low fat birthday cake too.... Plus the packet mix to make a red velvet cake when I get desperate. I'm on a diet you see...

....and to help me lose weight I'm now the proud owner of a vintage-style tricycle. I'm not very good on two wheels for various reasons at the moment!

Clearing my Mum's house recently, she found this box that belonged to my Grandmother, and it took her a while to locate the key. She eventually did, and passed both over to me.

The box was Gran's sewing chest, and given to her when she turned 18 in 1923!

It's a little bit mildewed, but it still has many things in it that Gran used.

Another treasure I've acquired is one of the miniatures my Dad made. This is a blacksmiths forge, lovely isn't it?

But the real beauty and intricacy of what he did is only revealed when the roof is lifted off...

My Dad was so talented. I'm constantly in awe of what he could achieve with the most basic of supplies.

So, what's on your desk this week?

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Greetings fellow desk hoppers!

Another quickie from me this week, not least because there's not an awful lot on my desk!

I thought I'd make like Julia and do the old aerial view this week, not one I tend to use much. You can see general debris today. Scissors, my trust metal edged ruler, tape runner, a new Stampin Up! punch that I snaffled in the nick of time as it's being discontinued, various used post-it notes from masking. I had hoped there'd be a circle journal to not share but it's not arrived yet.

The WOYWW crop on Saturday was much fun. You've all heard a lot about it from others so I won't bore you other than to reiterate the cake thing - and although I have photos, they're not on my phone! Hmm. Moving swiftly on....

I have to share my work desk with you though as it's nice and tidy!

And isn't this chap lovely? He's been put up in the branch downstairs, so I know I'm working in the right place!

Well, have to hop off now.... Catch you on a blog somewhere!

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Yoo halloo!

I'll be back later to pad this out a bit, just wanted to upload my pic while I had wifi! Gotta run to get to work now though....

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several hours later......

I'm back!  It won't be long - I'm just sneaking a quick post in.

So - as one or two have quite rightly spotted, there's a tunnel book on my desk.  I'm a member of Collabor-ART, an online group of creative and funky individuals (yes, you, Kyla) and we're doing a tunnel book circle journal.  The more astute amongst you might notice that's a picture of Edgar Allan Poe.  No prizes for guessing the theme of my book...

Now I've done the cover it's ready for sending off - and another one will be with me soon.  So I'll have that on my desk next week, no doubt.

My next mission is my ATCs for crop this weekend and for the anniversary... Yay! 

See some of you on Saturday!  Whooop de dooopp!!!!!
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