Wednesday, 20 January 2016

WOYWW #346

Good morning deskers! Happy WOYWW courtesy of the Buddster!  Yes, that lovely lady who links our litter....

There's very little to show today as were right in the middle of panto (silly season! Ha!) and I haven't done much.

We had a move around from Lil Miss B's bedroom to the craft room and back, basically swapping one of my Expedit units for a book case. The swap suits us both better....

The major arty crafty work was done at the weekend, for panto, but I can't share too much until next Wednesday! Can't give away surprises!

Lastly, Marley and Hamish want to say Hi. I snapped this photo this morning - Marley often drinks from Hamish's waterbowl but today Hamish sniffed at him and then looked up at Mr B, as if to say "Daaad?" Hehehe.

See you on the hop!

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Another WOYWW slips into view and another round of desk sharing pops up on our feeds! Second one of the year already!

Mines a quickie this time as there's not much change and I've spent most of the week looking after Mr B following a little argument he had between a ladder and his little finger. Many of you have been following the tale in Facebook but suffice it to say here that he's ok and mending nicely.

Here's my desk this week:

Must dash....! Happy Hopping!

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