Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Stampbord Brooch swap

Over on UK STampers we've recently had a stampbord brooch swap.

Um, not sure what I can say about it other than - here is my effort!

Well, ok, I used alcohol inks for the background - stonewash, denim and silver mixative. I might even have used a little slate for good measure. Then I rubber stamped and heat embossed in black part of a fairy. I'm afraid I don't know the manufacturer. I also stamped the word "Believe" and added, in silver heat embossing, a corner element. Did a little scratching, edged in silver krylon, and coated with a thinnish layer of diamond glaze. I'd punched holes in three corners, so added beading. A brooch back was the last bit - but silly me has forgotten to sign it.

I hope the final recipient likes it!

March Rudolph Day

Ok, not such a good month this one for SSCC. I don't really "do" Glitter, which was what the theme was. However, I've rustled up 5 cards.

They all actually have a lot of glitter on - trouble is it's mostly a translucent glitter glue, and doesn't easily get picked up by the camera... Ho hum.

On the Matilda card, there's glitter on her pompom, and her wings, but also all over the background paper - on the trees and baubles etc.

On the snowman card, it's all over the snowman - I used a topper I got in a swap, to which I added loads of glitter to bling it up!

On the medallion card, it's all over the medallion. Needless to say, for you medallion afficianados out there.

The cross-stitched card has glitter all over the four images in the corners - plus I added blending filament to the actual stitching to make it pop.

And finally, I have used a pre-made topper, and finally tried out my Big Shot which arrived yesterday (woohoo!) with a cuttlebug embossing folder. I think the glitter is kinda obvious on this one!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Oh my.....

Well first of all, I have to say whoops... too much time has passed since I last blogged. Now, I'm all for blogging without obligation (must get that blinkie!), but I still think that nearly three weeks is a bit much. Shame on me. My apologies.

And now for an "Oops".

Guess what I did at the weekend?

I broke my trusty, faithful Sizzix machine.

Yup, you read it here first folks. (Oh alright, second. I told the guys on Aunty's first...hmpf).

The unbreakable is..... breakable.


Ok - so I hear you asking, how in the heck did I manage that? If I'd dropped it, it would probably have gone through the floor and into the room below. If I'd dropped it on my foot, it would have taken a couple of toes with it on its way through to the room below.

Nope. Nothing so exotic. I was using it .

I guess this means I'm pretty strong. Or at the very least, stupid and strong.

Here is where I point out that the demise of the Sizzix was a gradual process. It started a few weeks ago, with a klutz attack. I put a Cuttlebug embossing folder on the cutting mat, ensured I had all the relevant adaptors attached, slid the mat under the pressing bar, applied pressure... et voila! CRAAAACCCCKKKKK. Further inspection pointed out that I didn't push the mat far enough under the bar, resulting in uneven pressure, which made the bar go a bit wonky (like the technical description???) and ultimately, the red bit split on the back corners.

It then started to ooze an oily substance....

So, finally, at the weekend I used it a couple of times - and it gave up the ghost. No pressure. It did the Sizzix equivalent of NOT fighting its way out of a paper bag. It was a bit like the original Mr Muscle guy... In fact, you could even say that it bled to death....

Which of course means...

Drum roll please....


Watch this space. I feel a Big Shot coming on.

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