Thursday, 29 November 2007

Elements ATCs

Now that my good friend Debs has received my ATCs safely, so she can organise them and send the swap back out, I can blog them and not spoil the surprise!

The swap was on Willow Crafts forum, and the theme was the Four Elements. Here is what I came up with...

All the ATCs are basically the same - I covered one side of them with Xyron permanent adhesive, and then stuck on strips of paper/card that I felt represented the element.

I then stamped a representative image onto shrink plastic, and once shrunk, glued it on.

I stamped on each one the word, and clear embossed over the top.

Finally I added matching ribbon and either buttons or jewels.

I like 'em, even if no-one else does! Now I just have to wait for the rest of the swap to come back, and I'll blog them when they do....

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Some craft at last!

On Aunty's Forum I've been involved in a Christmas Topper swap. Now that the recipient has received it, I can finally blog it.... Woohoo!!!

It's made from an ATC which I covered with a christmassy paper, topped with a Christmas Tree die cut to which I added some bling. I inked the edges of the atc with some silver ink and then matted and layered it first to brushed silver cardstock, then metallic blue cardstock - et voila! Here it is.....

(Sorry about the flash glare - a hazard with metallic card!)

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Well I actually managed to get something crafty done last night, in a roundabout fashion.

I've started - again - on tidying up my craft room. It doesn't look like I did much (to quote DH) but at least all my Craft Stamper magazines are neatly ordered in magazine files and on a shelf. As opposed to being stacked up on the floor in a corner. A few other things have found permanent homes, and as a result I actually have a square foot of space on my desk, and the rest of it is only piled 4 inches high as opposed to 8... Little by little, I will get the room tidy and clear for the weekend so I can sit down and do some PROPER crafting! :lol:

Tonight I'm helping out at this fireworks do in aid of Trade Aid - at least the weather looks like being ok and I'm not going to freeze my thru'pennies off! DH has been instructed to do pizza and chips for tea, and I'll nuke mine when I get in.

I'd love to toddle over to the Daring CardMakers and Wednesday Stampers websites today, but as I'm not going to be able to make anything till the weekend, why should I torment myself? Ho hum, shouldn't be much longer...

Keep checking back folks - I'm sure I'll squeeze something in soonish!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Fireworks and other stuff

I'm bad, aren't I?

Here's me, promising to blog more often, yet when I look at my blog it's been a whole month since I last blogged. Shame on me!

So what have we been up to?

Mostly unpacking boxes, putting up pictures, boarded out the loft, rewired the lighting in the loft. Oh, cut a new loft hatch that was twice the size of the old one.

Now we've dug up the front garden, moved some flower beds, widened the gateway, moved a fence and stuck in a load of new plants and bulbs. And I'm shattered.

Craftwise I have done nothing. I'd like to. But I still can't quite get into my craftroom to sit and do some work.

Mind you - I was a REALLY good girl on Monday of this week - I finally took my Mythical Dragon cross-stitch in to be framed. I get it back in about 8 days time, so I'll have to blog that moment!

Does that count as craftwork????
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