Wednesday, 27 June 2012

WOYWW 160....another week goes by....

A high speed post from me today!  I waffle far too much for you all to read it and move onto the next desk, so I promise to be brief(er) today.  If you don't know what I'm talking about... go visit Julia @ Dunnit Dimensions.

On my desk this week are the beginnings of project I've been considering for some time.  Years perhaps.  But sometimes it can take that long for an idea to develop, and then the right recipient comes along and BAM! off you go.  That's what this week's desk is all about.  You might get some hints from the bits on it.  Little Wobbly Man thought he'd help out this week.

I've also finally finished week 1 of Project Life - yay, go me! - and we're only at...what... week 26 of the year?  I'll get there.  Meanwhile, if any of you out there know anything about Adobe Photoshop Elements, maybe you can help me suss out why it's printing images smaller than the size I specify on the canvas or image...

You'll be pleased to know that the spare "desk" is a bit clearer this week, and the pile of granny squares is getting taller - not that I remembered to take a picture of them though.

 See, I can be brief!  Catch you in a comments box near you!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

WOYWW 159.... a new angle...

Hello fellow WOYWWers!  Happy Wednesday to you all.  I hope you are all fine and well and prepared to bare all in the name of crafting science.  Or WOYWW, to be more precise.  LOL

I managed to get round a few of you last week - I've jumped on the band wagon and taken to visiting those who have the same second number as me - and it's taken me to a few blogs I've not seen before.  V cool idea, whoever first thought of it.

If you're not familiar with WOYWW, well, you need to go say hi to Mrs Dunnit at Dunnit Dimensions where all will be revealed and you can either just bloghop or add your own desk for us to gawk at admire.

Firstly, this piece of lusciousness is my ATC from Doone - which on the back is addressed to "The Eye of Morti" - heheheheheh.  More chucklesome was the cartoon of the dead car on the envelope.... I LOLled at that for sure...

Next, here are three lovely ATCs I received from Zoe, Lavinia and Ros A - Ann B, I'm sorry hun, I got a bit muddled when I said I'd had yours.  You must think I'm a loon.  I'm sure it's en route!  I think there are a few out there in the ether on their way to me as there's another one coming from foreign climes.  I hope folks liked the fun ones I sent out.  Not quite my usual standard, but a bit of fun nonetheless.  I have one left that hasn't yet been earmarked - so please, first person with their hand up?

My desk this week?   Oh dear......

And let's be honest, the space behind it on the bed isn't any better now, is it?  Oops indeed.

I have new stash on that bed somewhere, after visiting both Paper Arts in Stroud (Hi Ladies!  I'm the one with the enthusiastic partner!) and Snazzy Stamping in Swindon (Yay, someone who'll have my self-adhesive aluminium in 3 months' time!) when we went to Gloucester to look at a car.  I see that someone didn't put away the paper after wrapping up a father's day gift, and I'm not entirely sure which of the two potential culprits it was!

However, I am suitably chuffed to announce that I have another desk too.  Years and years ago, I tried to learn how to crochet, only to fail miserably.  Squares?  Hah!  More like rhombuses, with all different length sides etc.  I gave up very quickly cos tension wasn't working for me.  I never tried it again.

That is, until last Wednesday evening.

Over a year ago I was given a mahoosive amount of knitting wool, as my friend's mother had died leaving lots of wool and neither he nor his girlfriend, nor anyone else in his family, could knit.  I figured I needed to make something for their kids but having failed on the jumper front (and kids don't half grow fast!) I wanted to make something they could keep.  My own Grandmother knitted a kerjillion squares to make the blanket I still use to this day, and so I thought I'd do the same.  Only I wanted something that would grow a little faster. 

So last Wednesday, I took the bull by the horns (or should I say, wool by the hook?) and with grim determination, taught myself to crochet a basic granny square.  To say I'm over the moon with the success of it, is an understatement.  I can only do one square a night, simply because any more than that will set my carpal tunnel off, but that's fine by me.  See you here this time next year, cos I figure it will take that long to make enough squares.  But here are my first six.   Yay!

Ah... I hear Miss Julia knocking on my window, to complain that I'm taking too much of your time up with my waffle!  Best be heading off - maybe I'll bump into you in a comments box near you!  Might not be today - might be next Tuesday, but I'll do my best to slide by.....  Ta-ra!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

WOYWW 158 - where the heck did it go.....?


Somebody stole my week.  That's the only way I can reconcile myself to the fact that it is now the 13th June. 

Humblest apologies, fellow WOYWWers.  Not only have I not made my spare ATCs, but I didn't manage to visit everyone who visited me.

I have an excuse.  (yeah, yeah, comme normale, I hear you say....)

It's car shaped.

My trusty Clio went bang big style on my way home last Wednesday, so most of my home-surfing time has been taken up with car hunting.  So far, no luck, but if you know of anyone who has a 5-door diesel Clio for sale that is no more than 12 years old and has less than 100k on the clock, let me know.....LOL

What's that?  Get on with it you say?  Oops - I'm digressing.....

The real reason you're here is my desk - and hopefully by now you're one of the gazillio-dozens who does know what WOYWW stands for.  If not, then head on over to The Stamping Ground where all will be revealed!

My desk is its usual scruffy self.  As you can see, there's plenty going on.  On my WOYWW stand at the back you will see (next to Edwin) the fab ATC I got from Lavinia - thanks hun!!!  Just need your address now!  The sandwich tub contains silver EP and in the middle at the front are the new ATCs I'm working on.  I've not managed to get any aluminium sheet yet - it's on order but the company in question is a small concern and they're on holiday till Friday.  I have to wait till next week for my goodies!!!  So again, my apologies to my swapees - your ATCs are in progress (for excuse, go back to the car paragraph) and will be out in the post shortly.

As I have a new toy to play with, I'm practicing my light tent skills.  Not overly chuffed with the lights that came with it - needs to be worked on, that aspect.  And the cloths need a press.  But all in all, the results are good.  As were Lil Miss B's results with the keyring below.  They had to make and design their own keyrings for Design Technology at school, and she's gifting it to her big sister who's about to spend a year in Malawi with one of the Christian charities.  The lettering was apparently done with laser, would you believe!  Didn't have such amazing toys at school when I was a kid!  Anyway, she asked me to take a photo for her school portfolio, so here it is....


Anyways, that's it from me this week - see you in a comments box near you!  Hopefully.  Epic car failure and powercuts notwithstanding...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

WOYWW 157 - into the fourth year....

WOW!  Wasn't last week fabulous?  I had hoped to get round to everyone but in fact only managed a third of you!  Well, my excuse is that I got caught up in the Jubilee celebrations and we watched a lot of it on TV and....and......well, sorry.  I think the whole WOYWW thing has gotten so big that if you're in full time work, it's hard to visit everyone and still have a crafting life along with giving your family the time they need.  Notice the order of priority there....LOL!

So, as we step into the fourth year - and if you've still not got a clue, visit WOYWW HQ here for all the deets - here's my desk this week!

Absolute mayhem.

I've been working on a card for a two-year old.  Well, he will be, this Friday.  I've also been doing a little bit of strawsilk work, having booked myself into a craft fair on the 18th August.  Looks like LLJ may be joining me - hehehehe.  Double trouble!

Here's the card for the two-year old.  Something simple and basic because I was in a hurry.  And it's hard to be boyish.  LOL.  So, Magnolia's Edwin, with an embossed "2" using the Cuttlebug steampunk gears embossing folder.  A little bit of background paper, some peel-offs - they actually finished it off quite nicely - and a sentiment.  Edwin was coloured with Copics, and Ice Stickles added to his wings...  Quite sweet and very simple.

The card I was doing last week in all its glory here.  I think the little girl in question should have liked it - haven't heard yet!  Pearl Tilda from the new Summer 2012 - I have to fess up that I didn't actually colour her.  I saw her on ebay and thought I was buying the stamp, only realising I'd bid on a finished topper as I hit the "bid" button.  Doh!  But it worked out ok, and I added my own flowers and DP etc.  Like the double bow?  Check out Jak Heath on YouTube for a tute....

And here she is in my new toy - a fabby light tent with lights from my two buds who came to visit last it love it love it.  Thank you ladies!

The pillow box from last week's post which was in its flat form - here it is made up with ribbons and tag (SU punch).

Lastly, we spent Monday afternoon at the local ex-school with the local Community group who put on a barbecue and assorted activities for the children.  Despite my layout from last year where Lil Miss B (on the left) had her face painted and I took the photo-op as I thought it might be the last time, she went for a full on facial flag and showed she's a true blue Brit to the core.  I have to say, she's rocking the look totally - she's beautiful (but can't say that to her face, oh no, she'd tell me I'm stoopid) as a Union flag, eh?  And NO WAY does she look 11 years old, eh?  Ok, so she's 12 next month.  LOL.  With her are Ben and Heather.  How the two girls managed to persuade Ben to go for the red butterfly on his face, I don't know, but I think he's a bit sweet on Lil Miss B...!

And finally, one of my all-time fave photos.... taken on the same day as the photo above.  Arwen is decidedly not-bothered by all the Jubilee goings on around her.... bless....

See you in a comments box near you soon!
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