Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Another week rolls around and it seems that Autumn has finally hit us broadside with all she’s got.  It’s sad to hear of the recent deaths around the UK but one can’t help but wonder whether or not the drivers involved were driving safely for the conditions.  Having said that, I was driving to work yesterday morning and as I crested the brow of one particular hill, I drove smack into an unexpected vertical wall of water  - a full-on rainstorm.  Had my poor little car not practically ground to a halt climbing the hill (it thinks it's a truck!), I would probably have driven straight off the road, as at the top of the hill there is also a sharp bend, and visibility was down to almost zero for a few hundred yards.  Then the rain started to clear, but my thoughts are with the families of those poor children and adults who have become more victims to the British weather.  To all my WOYWW friends – safe driving out there, especially those of us in the Northern Hemisphere where the evenings are getting darker, and the weather wetter.  (I've borrowed the picture below from The Telegraph - it was taken in Lacock, Wilts, not too many miles distant from LLJ and I - Swindon is just as bad!).

Anyway, you aren’t here to listen to my spiel about road safety, you’re here to see the desk, courtesy of WOYWW and Madame Dunnit, the desk diva.  Visit here for Mr Linky and to join in yourself.  The Big Crop is just 2 and a half weeks away.... Ulp!

My desk isn’t particularly busy – but on it you can see.....

...alcohol inks and dominoes, plus a few Christmas bits I've dug out with a view to playing with!  Wobbly man seems very interested in my embossing powders for some reason and...oh dear... I see I've still not finished sorting out my stamps.  Best get on with that!
I’ve got an update on the cross-stitch (as per Sue’s request last week) and as you can see, there’s just a little bit extra done.  So many hobbies, so little time!

Anyone coming to The Big Crop who wishes to alter a domino – these are the sort of dominos you require for the technique I'm demonstrating.

You will need to bring a stamp of your choice – it will either be small enough to fit onto the domino in its entirety, or you will use part of it.  For inspiration, and to get some idea of what I’m on about, go here to visit Leigh, the Sharpie Domino Queen.  You can either turn your domino into a pendant, brooch or keyring/handbag charm.  I can drill them while we’re there, and if we do it early enough in the day, you might even be able to glaze them. 

Stash required:
Domino (or other similar game-pieces, e.g. Triomino)
Stazon ink
Colouring medium – Sharpies, alcohol inks (plus blending tool and pads), chalks
Fine Paint brush
Glossy Accents or similar glaze
Choice of findings/stringing material. 

I think that’s all – I’ll bring some bling to add if you want to...

See you in a comments box near you!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

WOYWW 172 - back to the desk....

Hellooo!  Welcome to WOYWW - and if you're clueless as to what I'm on about, head on over to Madame Julia's for all the deets and Mr Linky, should you be of a mind to join in too!

I've joined in again this week.  Not that I have much to report - the desk is tidy, so is the bed!  Wonder of wonders....  The pile of crochet squares is growing, slowly....

This week we had crop, and I managed to sort out two more pages of Project Life, plus a regular 12 x 12 layout.  My apologies for the terrible picture quality - my camera does NOT like taking photos indoors in the evening with flash/without flash. 


The cross-stitch hasn't changed at all, so I won't bore you with an update!

Only a month until the big WOYWW crop, and Mrs Julia has said I can do a demo/tutorial on altered dominos.  I'll work out what the heck I'm doing and let you all know, but if you are coming on the big day and want to join in, I would suggest looking for some dominos now.  You want smooth plastic ones (or bone if you find them) in a light cream or white.  There's plenty available very cheaply on ebay if you don't already have some.

 Catch you around!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

WOYWW 170 - When September comes....

.....and OMG it's here!  Where is the year going?
So here we are on WOYWW once more - head on over to Julia's to see the deets and add your desk to Mr Linky.
Not much has happened on my desk since last week's creative flurry.  I can show you a shot of the cross-stitch I've been working on though!

I also won something else - the relief at finally being told that 50% of my tummy troubles are down to a hernia, and yes it can be fixed.  BUT I'm probably going to need a hysterectomy too, so now it's up to the General and Gynaecological surgical teams to co-ordinate so that they can do both at the same time.  Me, I'm phylosophical about it all.  I'd rather have the next 20 years pain and worry free than keep a somewhat redundant womb that has failed to achieve it's target, and now never will, only to have it removed in 20 years time anyway. 

So here's to health and fitness - however far off it may be.   LOL.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Toot toot! I'm a winner....!!!

You might have noticed that I had my fingers crossed last Wednesday - well it worked!

Not only did Mr Random call out my number and make me a winner, but I'm also one of the Creative Coterie's top 3..... WOW!!!

Doin' a happy dance here = my prize is a $25 voucher to spend at Third Coast Rubber Stamps...
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