Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Time to be more present....

I’ve just come upon this post by following links in this “Around Here” layout post, and found a very resonant feeling with where Ali was at in January.
Our family is a small unit, myself, my husband, his daughter and our dog (not forgetting a snake). Like Ali, half my life seems to exist online, I work full time and I’m trying to set up a business of my own as well. Being present for my 13yr old stepdaughter is a difficult reality to deal with, and we have all struggled with our phones and tablets etc. And not just being present for the humans, but for the animals too – it’s all too easy to pick up the phone and not the snake, as the snake does need attention and handling to maintain a decent “relationship”. So many people forget that the pets need love too…
We have no TV in our house. That is to say, we have no beamed in Satellite television. We have a physical television, and we have a DVD player, but watching the box is something we only do at weekends. The rest of the week we have a restriction on rectangle time, but it’s all too easy to forget, or pick the phone up to check an email and BAM before you know it 45 minutes have passed, and you’re late getting to bed.
I need to put my phone down. I also need to get my business running. But ultimately, Lil Miss B needs me and quality time together now is spent in Zentangling, or cross-stitching, or card making together. Every so often it’s sharing ice cream and having a girly chat. I’d like to get her journaling more. I am blessed that she is a loving, caring girl and we have a good relationship. 
So, I thanked Ali for her insights. She have reaffirmed what I have known and felt for some time, and been working on. It’s comforting to know that someone as successful and well known as Ali Edwards is having the same issues we all are – and it gives me hope that my business will be successful too. 
Time to be more present…..
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