Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Hellloooo!!!  Here we are again!  Another round of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday to amuse us and get us over the hump of the week.  For all the deets, head on over to The Stamping Ground where Ms Dunnit will tell all and offer up Mr Linky so you can join in.

My desk this week has some new Copics on - more on that in a mo.  Yes, I know I've pledged to Use it Up for 2012 but surely that only applies to consumables?  Copics are consumables?  Darn it....

The wrist is much better, thank you Shoshi for asking, so I've done a couple more squares (not in the pic).  The tissue box is now out of sight cos it's starting to look like something and I don't want someone seeing it....tee hee.... The mask hasn't had very much done to it - I've just triple embossed the cogwheel/eye with my own concoction of pewter and midnight sapphire obsidian embossing powders.  Looks fab - like rusty steel.  It's definitely going to be a freakiness on my wall once done.  He's not my own idea - I've magpied him from Snazzy Stamping  (where I spotted him on a visit) - and you can see him here at Inky Exploits.

Back to the Copics.  Now, I'm sure someone, somewhere, has already had this idea and done it, but I've not actually seen it on a blog.  I store my Copics in a cube, and there's no decent way to separate them into colour groups.  It's just a general mish-mash of shades in a group.  I'm too lazy to make a proper storage facility, but even if I did I wouldn't be able to pick out the exact three colours I need according to their shade number.  One of my biggest annoyances is that the Copic Sketch pens have the number written on the cap, but not the Ciaos.  Then it occurred to me to write the number on the lid myself.  Except you can't properly, because there's a dimple in the middle.  Cue the 8mm diameter label.  Colour it in with the colour your labelling, write on it with a fine tipped pen, and slap it on the end of the pen.  VoilĂ !  Now my pens go in the cube, and I can pull out the exact shade I require according to its number.  Cool or what?

Now, unless you've had your head in a bucket for the last 5 years, or maybe if you live somewhere a long way away, you might not have noticed that this little island somewhere right of the Atlantic, has got a small sporting event coming up.  Last Wednesday we got the opportunity to go and see the flame as it stopped in Salisbury for the night.  One of the girls in Lil Miss B's netball squad from school was carrying the torch, but we couldn't get into town to see her do her stretch of the run.  We got there in time to see the last handover, and Mr B hopped up onto the fence to get some fab photos for me.  I won't bore you with loads - just this one:

Lastly, last week I made some noises about a special event we might have been going to, and we actually did get to go.  We were fortunate enough to be invited to go to Tidworth Polo Club for the biggest match of the year - the Hackett Rundle Cup.  This is when the Army and Navy battle it out on horseback, chasing a small ball round the field.  We were invited because Mr B happens to be teaching the son of the Navy team's coach!  This year, we weren't as lucky as previous years had been - normally HRH Prince Harry (the Queen's Grandson) plays, but he wasn't here this year, more's the pity.

I managed to get some really duff shots, and some not so bad ones - this one came out ok, I think.  My camera isn't really built for high-speed sporting events.  One thing we definitely were lucky with was the weather - it held out right to the end...and then the heavens opened.

Anyways, enough rambling from me - time to head off on the blog hop....!!!  See you in a comments box near you...

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

WOYWW 162 - more Project Life...

Whoa! Where the heck did that week go? Oh, I know. Down the gutter with all the rain. And the country’s hopes, when Andy Murray lost at Wimbledon. Poor old Jonathan Marray though, overlooked as one half of the winning men’s doubles team.

Well, here we are again for another round of WOYWW – prepare thyself to do battle with Blogger, for she verily is a scurrilous knave and somewhat pesky in the posting department.

*shakes head to clear it*

Sorry, not too sure what happened there. LOL

Anyway, for the deets and Mr Linky, head over here.

My desk this week is not that interesting. I’ve not done an awful lot other than have a general push around and call it tidier. Mr Wobbly Man and his sidekick Junior are just hanging about doing not a lot (as per usual, nothing new there), and the tissue box hasn’t actually moved much further forwards. That would be because the Outlaws were here again, with Mr B heading off to the Fairford Air Show with Grandad B. The steampunked/industrialised mask has moved on a little bit further – not a lot, just a little.

I’m really getting into my Project Life though, having completed Week 3 and well on the way to finishing Week 4. At this rate, I will have caught up by the last week of December! (do the maths...). The crochet has taken a little bit of a backseat as it’s starting to set my carpal tunnel off. Mr B wants me to teach him next, so maybe we’ll be able to sit and crochet together – there’s love for you!

Well, we’re hopefully off to a special event on Saturday, weather permitting, and I will make sure I get photos for next week’s WOYWW...

In the meantime – watch out, watch out, there’s a Morti about. See you in a comments box near you!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

WOYWW 161 - moving on!

Hellooooo!  Welcome to another WOYWW - honestly, where DOES the time go? Mind you, at the moment it feels like it's November from the miserable wetness outside, although it is still a few degrees warmer.

So.  WOYWW.  If you're not familiar with the term, head on over to Julia's place for all the deets.

As for what's on my workdesk this week - yup, there's a pile of squares.  And you're right, it IS a tissue box I'm working on, but nobody guessed as to what it was going to look like.  It's definitely a WIP as its going to need a couple of coats of paint first, but we're looking good so far!  I see little wobbly man is hanging out in the coffee cup.....tsk

Here's all the squares laid out.  The picture doesn't really do them justice cos it's warped the colours a little - the green is lovely and minty, the grey and the pink look quite 80s but I can assure you there will be other colours!  I'm just working my way through the collection of balls of wool, one ball at a time.  19 squares down, at least another 340 to go....

Also on my desk this week I've managed to complete week two of Project Life.  Hopefully, by next week I should get weeks three and four done too.  I'm starting to get used to working with Adobe Photoshop Elements, as you can see, I can overlay type and the like.  Mind you, I'm using quite a few of Cathy Zielske's templates which help - but my fingers are itching to break out and try my own thang...

Now, onto the small matter of Artstamps at Newbury.  I might be going, I might not.  I was thinking of going, and mooted the idea in JDs direction.  The trouble is, Mr B and Grandad B are off to the big air show that's on (RAF Fairford, I think), which leaves Lil Miss B and Grandma B at home with me.  Now, if Grandma and Lil Miss go shopping, it's going to leave yours truly in charge of the hounds, which I can't take with me.  Plus I have very little Moolar at the moment.  So, chances are, I'm not going so I'm sorry if anyone was getting their hopes up!

Ok, enough waffle, on with the hop!  See you in a comments box near you....

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