Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Oh my! Get me!

Posting twice in two weeks? This can't be true. But it is, and here I am.

Welcome to the wonderful world of WOYWW, courtesy of the lovely Julia.

My desk this week is the same as last weeks – knitting on the sofa. I'm actually knitting two projects at the moment, but only one is for public consumption. The other one is a Christmas present and, I have to say it, there is a risk for once that the recipient will see it if I post it here and on Facebook. So you will have to content yourself with just the baby clothes.

This most recent batch of knitting has taught me some new stitches and some new skills. Ironically enough it's a pattern I've not done before and yet project number two also uses elements from the same project so it's been quite amusing really.

I have also tidied up the Craft Room as some of you will have seen from Facebook this week. This wasn't just down to the craft room needing a tidy up, which it did most definitely, but the fact that Lil' Miss B needed somewhere else to do homework that was more conducive to the sport. That is, not full of distractions of her bedroom, and a bit more space for opening up that pesky A3 art folder. Nothing exciting going on in there at the moment, though there is plenty of intention to start!

Well, time I was off to work so I will see you on the hop! Happy Wednesday!

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015


I'm really not very good at this blogging lark, am I? It's been a good four months since my last post, but so much has gone on that its been a whirlwind of stuff and happenings, and every time Wednesday rolls around I think l I really must post.... And then it's another Wednesday!

So, very briefly....HAPPY WOYWW! My desk has nothing in particular on it. Mainly because it's actually the sofa these days. And the sofa is covered in wool. I'm knitting for an impending arrival - in February I shall finally become a Great Aunt for real (rather than Step-Great Aunt) to a proper, blood related baby, and that kind of occasion calls for breaking out the knitting needles! I'm also still plugging away at granny squares. It's a bit like painting the Forth Bridge, I find!

The baby sampler did finally get finished last month - hopefully I can track down a pic - and you will have seen me working on something microscopic amongst LLJs photos....

So, until next time..... Happy hopping! I shall leave you all in the capable hands of arrrr Julia....

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