Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Greetings bloggers and fellow WOYWWers - welcome to another round of WOYWW.  Get me - here two weeks on the trot.  Hopefully we can make it a hat-trick next week!  Hehehehe
So, WOYWW.  Courtesy of the wonderful Mrs Dunnit, go here to link up and join the hop if you so choose.  We're all mad here...
Onto the doings of the day, as it were.
My desk, not so exciting.  You can probably make out the remnants of a card I made and sent to someone we know who has moved recently... go on, squint hard.  That piece of white card, with a bit cut out.  I forgot which ink I was supposed to use when colouring with Copics, so had to stamp several designs to ensure I got one that didn't run once I started colouring!  What am I like?  I need to get in here more often if basic knowledge like that is getting lost... Tsk
You can also see that I've taken inspiration from a couple of last week's desks and have brought my Big Shot out.  It's going to live there permanently.  Or at least, while I'm not sewing.  Then it will move, and will get put back straight after the sewing machine is put to one side.  I can't be doing with the fag/hassle of getting it out, putting it away, getting it out and so on.  It means I don't go in there to use it so it stays out.  Might need to make a dust cover for it though...hmmm...

Here's a proper shot of what's behind me while I craft.  It needs a darned good sort out and tidy up!

There's a hint to one of my other hobbies, up there on the shelf.... hehehehe.

I didn't just make a new home card this week, oh no!  My bestest friend ever - we've known each other for 35 years now - has just got engaged, so I whizzed up a quick card and popped it over to her in Malta.  I think I might have a holiday coming up over there in the not too distant future!!
So there you have it.  Catch you all somewhere on the hop....! Happy Wednesday to ya!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

WOYWW 377 - the late at night one

So here I am.

Late to the party as always, but I least I showed up.  Just in time to bring the tequila and liven the show up. LOL  Or not as the case may be - hand me my crochet and cocoa, will ya?

So, today is all about WOYWW.  What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Nearly Thursday here.  Hehehe.  Thank you, lovely Mrs Dunnit, for hosting as always....

My desk is a complete and utter tip.  The nice thing about night time photos is you can see the reflection of the other wall in the window!  Hehe.  Can't see me though!!!

There's actually some makings on it for a change.  A quick stamped piece of a different variety - ye olde metal stamping - which is heading up to Lancaster to be included in a wedding gift for someone.  I'm not very good at it though.  More practice would help, I'm sure.  I need a decent stamping post I think.

So, short and sweet this week as I'm a late-comer.  Off on the hop now, to say hello to a few of you.

Ciao for now!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A clear out....

.....of the digital kind.

So no, I've not gone mad and had a stash trash or a clutter clearance.  No.  I've come in here, looked through my blog reading list, and had an unfollow session - clearing more than half my list and deleting a grand total of 36 blogs.

What on earth happened to everyone?  All the blogs I've unfollowed have stopped running.  There last post was a year ago or more.  And not a word as to why...

I know I'm pretty bad at blogging regularly, but only one or two of those blogs had folks that had popped on to say "Sorry guys, last post here".  It does worry me that some of our blogging buddies may have met with unfortunate ends.  With that in mind, I'm going to make sure that beloved Mr B knows my logins and can at least get in here and advise you all of my demise, should that be the case.  Two or three blogs had been hijacked by spammers, judging by the content!

It has made me a little more determined to keep up with my blogging, which is why I'm sat here now typing away.  Can't be leaving folks without something to read!

And suggestions please, of new blogs to start following.... always welcome!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Present List

I've not been very good at blogging this last year or so.  I'm not sure what's happened, to be honest.  Life seems to have taken over, and not in a good way.  I seem to be busy without actually getting anything done and a big chunk of that seems to involve social media.  Maybe it's time to disengage from certain sites more and concentrate on what makes me happiest.  I've got some real, proper busy times ahead (Panto!  Hare Moon Crafts!  CIPD!) and there is no time to waste now.  I also miss this space.  My own little domain.  My place for expressing myself and showing myself off from time to time.  For saving some of the fun stuff.  My own little legacy in the world.
Lets try and get back to it.  Turn this blogging lark back into a habit.
Fun stuff.
The "Present" list...
Presently I am:

Listening to.... Debs in 'Druth on her radio show.... luv ya hunny. Thank you for the shout out.
Reading.... Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir - fab historical fiction - I have learned so much more about Lady Jane Grey and the whole 9 day queen debacle.  Ms Weir does a brilliant job of weaving together fact and fiction to make a good read.
Watching.... not much.  Saw The Cell a couple of nights ago, awesome film.  Have been dipping into "Under The Dome" lately and need to get back to it. 
Drinking..... squash - Cherries and Berries flavour.  My caffeine intake has significantly reduced these days.
Eating... Home prepped Ham & Cheese salad with black olives.
Liking.... the new me.  I've lost 30lb in the last 15 months and I'm looking forward to losing more.
Hating... losing control of my eating, the days I need to binge.
Being grateful for..... my amazing 85 year old mother, we've just had her staying for the weekend and she was awesome as always.  Brought with her extra crocheted granny squares for Lil Miss B's blanket, so it could be made longer.
Wishing.... for better time management skills....  
Hopefully I'll be back here later with a WOYWW post... fingers crossed!
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