Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A clear out....

.....of the digital kind.

So no, I've not gone mad and had a stash trash or a clutter clearance.  No.  I've come in here, looked through my blog reading list, and had an unfollow session - clearing more than half my list and deleting a grand total of 36 blogs.

What on earth happened to everyone?  All the blogs I've unfollowed have stopped running.  There last post was a year ago or more.  And not a word as to why...

I know I'm pretty bad at blogging regularly, but only one or two of those blogs had folks that had popped on to say "Sorry guys, last post here".  It does worry me that some of our blogging buddies may have met with unfortunate ends.  With that in mind, I'm going to make sure that beloved Mr B knows my logins and can at least get in here and advise you all of my demise, should that be the case.  Two or three blogs had been hijacked by spammers, judging by the content!

It has made me a little more determined to keep up with my blogging, which is why I'm sat here now typing away.  Can't be leaving folks without something to read!

And suggestions please, of new blogs to start following.... always welcome!

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