Wednesday, 24 August 2016

WOYWW 377 - the late at night one

So here I am.

Late to the party as always, but I least I showed up.  Just in time to bring the tequila and liven the show up. LOL  Or not as the case may be - hand me my crochet and cocoa, will ya?

So, today is all about WOYWW.  What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Nearly Thursday here.  Hehehe.  Thank you, lovely Mrs Dunnit, for hosting as always....

My desk is a complete and utter tip.  The nice thing about night time photos is you can see the reflection of the other wall in the window!  Hehe.  Can't see me though!!!

There's actually some makings on it for a change.  A quick stamped piece of a different variety - ye olde metal stamping - which is heading up to Lancaster to be included in a wedding gift for someone.  I'm not very good at it though.  More practice would help, I'm sure.  I need a decent stamping post I think.

So, short and sweet this week as I'm a late-comer.  Off on the hop now, to say hello to a few of you.

Ciao for now!


Felix the Crafty Cat said...

You're late and so am I but determined to get round most desks before bed. Loving your desk and don't care if it's untidy as I would be more worried if it was too tidy Lol! Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 16

April said...

I'm loving all stuff on your desk. :-)
April #39

Helen said...

Always good to see your desk, no matter what time of day or night! good luck with the metal stamping. Helen #1

Kim said...

LOL! Tequila!! Nahh, I'd have gone with the cocoa too! Love the metal samping...would love to see the finished project! Have a great week.
-K #43

Lynne Mizera said...

Dear Morti... I do believe this is my first time visiting you... and I love how your desk looks the same as mine when I am in the throes of my creative passion... grin. Now that I know you bring tequila to the party I will stop hiding the empty wine glasses on my desk when I snap my photos! Happy Belated WOYWW, Scrapbook Lynne #37

Diana Taylor said...

You've certainly got a lot going on in your studio! I like the look of your metal stamping, it looks very neat and straight - a couple of years ago I invested in a set of letters with the idea of stamping onto flattened spoons and antique knives etc - it's still on my list of things I will get round to doing one day!
I'm in Hythe by the way, do you know it? We are just outside the forest boundary but we always head towards the Forest and away from Southampton whenever we can! What area are you in? Small world isn't it!!
Diana #19

Kathyk said...

Interesting desk this week, thanks for your earlier visit and belated Happy WOYWW


Unknown said...

Hello Morti. Love all the goodies I can see and great reflection of the space behind to. Metal stamping looks so great I have never tried it yet but might have to add it to my crafting bucket list. Thanks for visiting me earlier and have a fantastic week. Hugs ~Anne L#7

Sue said...

Hi Morti, Lovely busy desk.

Enjoy your cocoa and crochet:)

Sorry I didn't get on before, but I spent the day in hospital on Wednesday and have been taking it easy since.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #10

Neet said...

Do you mean straight Tequila? I am a teeny bit fond of Margarita's! Need a bit of Mexican food to go with it and ... bliss.
Do we get to see the finished product? I love metalwork and look forward to seeing a big close up of what you did.
Hugs, Neet xx

Annie Claxton said...

HI Morti, Sorry, I@m even later - it's Saturday and I@m still trying to catch up! hehehe love your messy workdesk, mine gets just like that, with a tiny space clear in the middle to actually work in! Metal stamping is something I've never tried, sounds intriguing! Annie C #5

Anonymous said...

Happy Very Belated WOYWW. I was determined this week to visit most of the blogs - and I have nearly finished. Metal stamping. That is something I have not tried. Do you need to use a lot of pressure? Ali x #12

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