Monday, 14 July 2008

Cards.....again..... LOL

I only ever seem to upload pictures of cards or ATCs these days. The cards following are for this month's challenge on Aunty's Forum (Yep, novel eh? Like you haven't heard THAT before!) which was set by "Full of Scrap" team and is "Things with Wings". HOWEVER. Whilst I uploaded them into the members gallery there, I didn't put any info about them. A cunning plan. That way I get to impart the information here, instead. And also, I didn't show a picture of the inside of the Oriental card - so there's also an exclusive here! PMSL

OK. Card Number One.

For a start - it's A5 sized, cloud 9 style in a duck egg blue. Or green, depending on how good you see colours and what you think is blue and what you think is gre.... I'm rambling, aren't I? Sorry. OK, to continue. On the right hand half of the card I stamped a stars and moons background (manufacturer - Anita's) using Brilliance Pearlescent Lavender ink. On the left side of the card I layered some lilacky-purple (ya like that word???), textured giftwrap, and edged it with a silver peeloff. I then put a mat of one of the sheets from the DCWV "Once Upon A Time" Mat Stack (gorgeous, drool). The Fairy is one of the Faerie Poppets die cut decoupage range. They're lovely, especially as all the cutting out is done for you! I felt she needed a "proper" background, so I watercoloured a blue and green background, and then tapestry-stamped a scene using a few random Clarity Stamp stamps that I own (small bare tree, grasses) in different shades of pigment greens and brown. Finally I layered this onto lilac cardstock, edged the picture in more silver peeloff, layered Madam Fairy up, and tied a spot of organza ribbon in a bow round the spine of the card. I think she's lovely!

Onto Card Number Two - the Oriental One.....

This one came about because it's my Mum's 77th Birthday tomorrow.... (Hi Mom)... and she loves all things Oriental. The eagle eyed amongst you may well have spotted that the pictures used are from the Papermania Oriental collection. I was lucky enough to acquire a boxed set of this from my local Range store at a bargain 33% off. It's been lurking on a shelf, waiting for me to visit Hong Kong with work (like that'll ever happen! Sheesh.... ) so I thought I'd use some of it to make a post pop-out card for Mum. The red and gold paper, I'm afraid to say, is actually gift wrap I bought in a craft shop in France. Sorry ladies....

I used a WS designs large popout rectangle template to make the card (I can do a tutorial if enough people ask, but it's too longwinded for now)and then basically decorated it with the gift wrap, some gold peeloffs and both the 3D and the flat stickers from the Oriental collection. Ta Dah! Done. Oh, and I added a verse behind the window... It reads:

Take a little pinch of comfort
Add warmth and kindness too
Throw in some love and tenderness
And the end result is you.
With all these fine ingredients
It's very plain to see,
Why you are extra special
The best Mother There could be

Not one of my own creations, I'm afraid - it came from Verse Writer by Kaz.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Good Grief....

Where DOES the time go? It's simply not on, you know! Somebody stop the world, I want to get off - at least for a little while!

There's nothing particularly exciting to report at the moment, so I thought I would do something I promised a long long while back. Remember the "Time" ATC swap I did ages ago? Well - here's the long awaited picture of the ATCs I received back...

Fabulous, aren't they???

Actually, what AM I saying??? Not much to report!!! I'm sure my pal Debs would be getting huffy right now because I went and stayed with her for the weekend in Cornwall (much to DHs disgust, LOL), and this photo was one of many taken over the weekend. But by far the funniest. There's a long story behind this, but I won't bore you all - you had to be there.

What I will say is - We love you Storm!

What else of note is there to impart to you, my humble readership? Not much, I spose, but if I remember, I will indeed return, and report!

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