Friday, 11 July 2008

Good Grief....

Where DOES the time go? It's simply not on, you know! Somebody stop the world, I want to get off - at least for a little while!

There's nothing particularly exciting to report at the moment, so I thought I would do something I promised a long long while back. Remember the "Time" ATC swap I did ages ago? Well - here's the long awaited picture of the ATCs I received back...

Fabulous, aren't they???

Actually, what AM I saying??? Not much to report!!! I'm sure my pal Debs would be getting huffy right now because I went and stayed with her for the weekend in Cornwall (much to DHs disgust, LOL), and this photo was one of many taken over the weekend. But by far the funniest. There's a long story behind this, but I won't bore you all - you had to be there.

What I will say is - We love you Storm!

What else of note is there to impart to you, my humble readership? Not much, I spose, but if I remember, I will indeed return, and report!


1 comment:

carolann said...

Great pic of atcs hun it was a good swap love the pic you could have got a bit closer hun lol xxxx

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