Wednesday, 25 April 2012

WOYWW 151 - the countdown has begun!

Ooh! This is all looking a bit different in the "create post" window, so let's hope we all get it right this week or it's going to be a short blog hop!

This week my desk is showing the startings of an ATC for the swap coming up in 5 weeks - this year I'm getting a jump on the makings. 

Nothing else to report this week - we're rather busy with the play which will be all over by next week, thankfully.  Never before has a play been so much effort!  Below is a picture of Mr B and Avril as Ma & Pop Larkin - fab photo...

See you in a comments box near you - hopefully!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

WOYWW 150 - the hostile takeover...


Not really.  Nothing hostile about my mother!  No, just means that once again my desk is clear as it doubles as a dressing table for visitors.  After my last reference to this a couple of people said I shouldn't bother tidying up my craft desk for visitors, and generally speaking I don't, but it's a bit different when they need the space for their potions and lotions and the like.

So, welcome to WOYWW once more!  The weekly wonder of desk hopping the world over!  For all the deets and links, go here.

So what's on my desk this week, aside from my Mother's "stuff"?  Apart from the usual, there's a 12 x 12 picture frame which needs painting and shabby-chic'ing.  Wobbly man has gone off on one and is sulking behind the tote bag.  You can see my collections of brads, eyelets and card candi lurking there too.  And you can just about see the finished B box peeking out. 

Just for you guys, here's some close-ups!  The base of the box is a matchbox - I'm sure that's no surprise to most of you - painted with an irridescent hot pink acrylic paint.  I used self adhesive aluminium glued over a cardboard base onto which had been stuck some shapes (in this case the letters, the bees and the flowers) and used these to create the main relief design.  Some Ten Second Studio tools and some black acrylic paint later, et voila!  The other sides were made from card cut to size, inked with two shades of cats eye chalk inks, plus some TH distress ink in Black Soot, and stamped with an Inkadinkado inchy background stamp.  I added some bling with some stickles, glued it all together, and there you have one B box.

I think the quote was from.... was from.... Lost Coast?  Or is it Zettiology lady?  Or maybe Third Coast.  I'm crap at remembering the manufacturer, especially when it comes in as a plate of rubber.... Sorry...

Anyway, catch you in a comments box near you!  I managed to visit all my visitors last week, plus a few!  Ace.....

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

WOYWW 149 - the staycation one...

Well, you'd think with a few days off I'd have made it round everybody's blogs this week, wouldn't you?  Must try harder!  I didn't even make it around everyone who visited me (hangs head in shame), so please do accept my apologies, and expect a visit very shortly!

This week we have a busy desk - I've been making something I promised to do for a friend years ago, and as it's her birthday on Thursday I felt moved to make something for the occasion.  Thus you see the B box.  Don't ask.  It's a long, convoluted and somewhat obscure story (I'll tell you later Doone) and more than a little odd...

Crop this week saw me produce three layouts, of which I only managed to finish...none.   All three have had to have something added, whether it was a simple date, or a better title...or...well, number three isn't quite done yet and I wouldn't dare to show it on here anyway for fear that Mrs D would have my guts for garters...

Oh yes.  The reason I'm rambling on about my desk?  WOYWW of course!  For those that don't know - it's a weekly hop round a few of the desks in the world that are baring all.  Join in here if you dare!  I have a lovely badge courtesy of Ms Julia which I have epically failed to photograph this week.....DOH!

See you in a comments box near you!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

WOYWW 148 - back to normality!

Welcome  back to WOYWW - the Wednesday wander through the realms of the neat, the not so neat, and the downright untidy! 

My desk this week is back to its usual untidy state - what you witness below is the aftermath of an "ohmyGodit'sKaren'sbirthdayonFriday" and "Ihaven'tmadeheracardanditneedstogointotheposttomorrow" session.  We've all had one of those, I'm sure!

Close up of the card (Karen doesn't do PCs full stop, let alone bloghop!) - image is one of the Li'l Grumpies by Smeared Ink.  I love them.  They're so downright....grumpy.  With phrases like "suck it up" and "bite me", could they be anything else?  I made my own insert - it reads "live a little, I dare ya".  As a cancer survivor, Karen will appreciate the sentiment, and her rock chick heart will love the Grumpie.  Hehehe.

A swift glance behind us on the bed reveals the death-throes of a prepping-for-a-crop flurry.  Yup, crop this month is on Saturday, and having almost literally bumped into Laura (airingcupboardstamping) in Salisbury BHS last Sat, I said I'd go, so I'm going.  Wish me luck in my prepping!

See you somewhere in a comments box near you - after the Blogger issues this week, I didn't managed to get round many folks!
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