Wednesday, 25 August 2010

WOYWW 64 - once more!

Well - here we are again!

Not a great deal to report this week, though here's a couple of shots of my desk.  One the bog standard "stand slightly to the right and try to fit it all in" and the other is of the desk to my right, where the PC sits and glares at me from time to time....

Last week I managed to get around to the grand total of 83 desks!  So this week I'm kind of going to start at 84 and work my way up.... roflmao.  As the number of participants is growing exponentially, I wonder if I'll ever make it to the end of the list....

And if you're feeling clueless, go and see Mrs Dunnit's blog where all will be revealed!  Be prepared to waste the rest of your week though!

Ok - here's my pics.... sorry the quality is a bit naff but the quality of the light last night wasn't brilliant, I figured I'd get this ready on Tuesday night because nowt will change in the next couple of hours!  Actual work on my desk includes some pennants for bunting for the UK Stampers swap, and a CJ that's doing the rounds at the mo, plus a load of new stash that I've managed to acquire lately.

OK - I'm off for my snoop around the work desks of the world.  If you see me on your travels - be sure to wave!

Monday, 23 August 2010

One of those weekends....

First up, before I get on with the blogging, I'd like to welcome Gez as a new follower to my blog. Thanks Gez, for thinking I'm interesting enough to stalk occasionally!! LOL

OK - back to business!

I had the delight of my mother visiting for the weekend, so we did what most families do when they get together, particularly mothers and daughters. Now, you need to bear in mind at this point that my Mum is 79, ok? We talked. Or rather she did and we just nodded and grunted at appropriate moments. We walked. Or rather she did and we ambled alongside at her pace. This had a rather amusing effect, as the slower we went to pace ourselves with her, the slower SHE went as well, till we were nearly falling over her. Doh! We shopped (Shaftesbury and Cheddar Gorge) and we ate far too much. And she kept trying to press money upon us. Not that we accepted it, no siree!

So, having said that, Saturday we were in Shaftesbury, and on Sunday Mr B says that Cheddar is only 20 minutes away, so I said, hey lets go there. I wasn't entirely sure he was right and it transpires I was correct - it took us an hour and a half to get there, especially as he took a wrong turn! But hey, it was fun... ROFL. So we had a pleasant afternoon trolling the Gorge and buying cheese - here's a couple of pics!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

WOYWW time again! #63

Wow - the week has flown by fast! It's WOYWW again, and for those who don't know, who may have just fallen over my blog by complete accident, visit Ms Dunnit's page here to find out all about it and begin your blog-hop.

My desk this week is starting to look normal at last. That is to say, it has actually got some work going on. The untidiness is because I spent part of yesterday evening doing the latest CJ which will be posted today (and part of the evening doing Pilates, but that's a whole other story!) and I haven't had time to tidy up yet. Eagle eyed folks will notice that the spice rack is now full of EPs at last.

I said last week that I would start putting on pics of the rest of the craft room - here's a view from the door looking along the row of storage to the desk. See, told it was "compact" in there! Before I get the inevitable questions - the storage drawers came from a supermarket in France about 5 years ago, the drawers are not quite 12 x 12, which is an annoyance but I can live with that, and no, I don't where you can get them over here.

Going back to the CJ I referred to - Tash's (Chicken Licken's) CJ landed in my lap last month and was due for posting... um.... Monday. Oops. However, I thought I'd do it last night and when I sat down the mojo just flowed for the first time in ages. The stampe she sent round was a heart - I didn't want to do another play on words, so just did what I felt looked good (Thank you Craft Barn for the inspiration a couple-a-years ago). I don't know who the heart is by, but the quote is by Third Coast, I think, as is Be Odd (I lurve that stamp, so ME!) and the starburst is .... darn it, can't remember.... oh well. Inks used were Distress Inks in Milled Lavender, wotsit Denim and Soot Black, and Versafine, as well as a wee skim of silver to edge the card, though you can't see it in the pics. Enjoy!

Each page was an envelope made out of a page of a book, with a small card inside:

The back of my card:

Right-o - I'm off for a bit of a blog hop over the course of the next week! Catch you all again soon!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Clown CJ


I really should have blogged this a month ago. Anyway, the most recently completed CJ I did for the UKSTampers pick a stamp CJ was Linda's Clowns.

Nothing particularly exciting about what I did - the backgrounds had already been prepared for us to give the book continuity (great idea, but rather restrictive!) and not sure of what to do I managed to find this fab quote by Tennyson "by blood a king, in heart a clown". Nice - for a medieval freak it gave me the opportunity to use one of my many crown stamps. A few funky scrolls and medieval text, and Bob's your uncle. Ta dah!

I guess it was a bit of a cop-out really, but what with moving etc my mojo was suffering somewhat, and then I just ran out of time. Anyway, onwards and upwards! Next one is a WIP....

Monday, 16 August 2010

I am so blessed!

My beloved Mr B took me to work this morning, as he and Little Miss B were going to Splashdown at Tower Park in Poole - an amazing jumble of flumes and slides and general water-parky fun. So, tonight he had to pick me up on his way past to take me home.

15 minutes before the end of play he walks into my office clutching these beauties....

Aren't they gorgeous? All in my fave colour of purple. I think he got them because he was cheering me up as today is the third anniversary of my Dad passing away. Bless him.

So what did we do at the weekend? We had fun and games at Thorpe Park on Saturday! It was a bit of a wet day in the end (like, understatement of the year, as the heaven's opened and the entire park dived for cover!) but we managed to go on almost all the major rides. Unfortunately they started having problems with a couple of them (immediately after we got off Saw, it broke down mid-ride..... ulp!) so we ended up leaving early, but here's a couple of choice shots of the day.

The "Tidal Wave" ride - you get drenched if you're riding, but if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can also get a soaking....

as Little Miss B shows here...

Now this ride is called Stealth, though why I have no idea! 0-80mph in 2.3 seeconds, and the apex of the loop is 205 ft in the air.

Little Miss B did not really want to go on it...

though we successfully persuaded her to, and she got off squealing and giggling with delight. Shame I didn't get a pic of that!

Sunday we went to Shear Water with the Senior Bs - beautiful place! Lunch was had at the Bargate Tea Rooms. Now Little Miss B has gone home to her Mum and we have the place to ourselves once more.... seems a bit quiet without her.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Perseid Perfection

Ok, so I may be a muppet. But it was worth getting out of bed for at 11pm last night to stand in the garden in my dressing gown craning my neck at the sky. Mr B & I only stood out there for around 20 minutes, but we saw approx 1 shooting star each minute we were there. (Thank you Evening Standard for the photo!) I'm definitely going to make a note on the calendar for next year!

The sky itself was crystal clear. I've seen clear skies before, mostly over Wiltshire when we've done events here, but last night was the brightest and clearest I have ever seen it, I think. We could see satellites coming from various directions (must have been perfect timing because we saw about 6!) and the Milky Way was just beautiful.

All say ahhhhhhhhh.

Ok - like they say on the advert, here comes the science part. For those that are completely unaware (and I'm sure there are a few), last night's meteor shower was the Perseid meteor shower. Every year, between July 24 and Aug 24 (or thereabouts) we pass through this meteor shower which is caused by debris from the Swift-Tuttle comet. It has a 130 year orbit of earth, and was last seen in 1992. Last night was the peak of the shower, and they were predicting up to 100 meteorites an hour. I wasn't quite foolish enough to stay up long enough for the whole light show, as the best part was probably around 2am. (I DO however remember waking up as a small child aged about 8 and seeing this exact same meteor shower from my bedroom window towards the east and the crack of dawn. Why do I remember it? Because I'd just read The Great Glass Elevator and was amused to consider that they could be Vermicious Knids.... although I knew exactly what I was looking at through my window. It is an image though that has stuck with me all my life, it was that spectacular).

One point of note - the Swift-Tuttle comet is considered to be the single most dangerous object to humanity. It is reckoned that it will impact with Earth in around about 2000 years, give or take a century... ulp!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Nobody pass out....

.... but here's a second post today! ROFL

I thought I'd give you a quick update of the last month, as I've been a bit remiss in posting of late.

First up was (and for those of you who spotted it via Twitter, well done!) Relay for Life. A fun and interesting and EXTREMELY tiring 24 hours of walking around a racetrack with Elvis. Yup. Elvis. Mr B was he. Ok yes I know. Elvis was taller. Shhhhhhhhh!

We then spent 9 days at Bentley Wildfowl Centre and Motor Museum, doing "Robin Hood" as is our usual wont in summer. Not next year though - next year we're doing "Australia". Quite literally in fact.

I have over 300 photos from our week and a bit at Bentley, and it's hard to choose between them all. So here are possibly my top five. Well, they might not be, as I'm sure my favourites will change as I ahve a chance to go through them all properly and edit and crop and notice all the little things that make each picture unique.

WOYWW week 62

Helloo thar!

It's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday and here's a shot of my desk. There's not actually an awful lot on it at the moment, as I'm still moving into our house - two months after moving date. Well, I say moving in but what I really mean is "unpacking boxes". I share my craft room with the home office and music room. It's a tight squeeze and has caused a few strops all round as we try to work out the best use of the space, but I think we've done it!

My desk is tidy at the moment. I've been told it has to stay that way as Mr B doesn't like clutter and can't work in a mess. He's a teacher, so I'm happy to oblige as the alternative is for him to either spend all his time at school or the local library. A tidy space is also probably going to encourage me to spend more time at my desk anyway.

On the desk are my storage containers for miscellaneous items and my eyelet/brad "collection", along with a handy brush rack that is super useful as a tool caddy. The spice rack on the left normally holds all my EP jars, but at present is home to a couple of items that are definitely out of place.

Actual work on the desk is minimal - eagle eyed readers may spot an item of bunting for a swap on UKStampers but that particular flag I'm unhappy with so it's going to be changed. Ho hum. As the weeks pass, I will include pics of the room around me so you can get a feel for my crafting space....

And here, for good measure, is a gratuitous shot of the garden from the craft/office/music room window!

I'm afraid I've only managed to get around a few of you guys this week, and not been able to leave comments due to time constraints, but I'm loving your work spaces ladies! (and gents...!)
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