Thursday, 28 April 2011

Blog Candy!


Five years of blogging.  OK, so I'll admit it, I ought to be way up on the 1800 posts mark, so I've been more quiet than I ought, but I hope what I HAVE put up has been of reasonable quality and vaguely read-worthy....

So, in honour of this fantastic occasion, here, for your delight and delectation is some candy.  A bit of an eclectic mix, but I figured there was something for everyone in amongst this lot!

So, in order to win it you need to do the following....

1)  Become a follower of my blog.
2)  Add your name to Inlinkz below
3)  Leave a comment!
4)  Link back to this candy on your blog.

I will be checking...... LOL

This post will stay at the top of my blog for a whole month, to the 28th April, and I will pick a winner using the random number generator that day.

Good luck!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

WOYWW 99 - the post-Easter one...

Whoops - what happened to last week?  Well, ok, I was a bit mojo-less, and we were out having fun.  I've been a busy bunny too, which meant that I couldn't do my desk here until late tonight as there were bits on it that I couldn't show off..... teee heee....

However, I'm here now, with a slightly cleared desk and a few other choice pics from my week off. 

So, why am I banging on about my desk? For those newcomers to my blog, and those that may have come by a different route, WOYWW is What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, a strange yet delightful phenomenon started by our Darling Mrs Dunnit HERE. Oh Ok, it was really started a lot further back than that, but that's this week's!

We managed to get the piano moved out of Lil Miss B's room where it's been for a few weeks since we moved her out her bedroom into the single with her nice new cabin bed.  And then she opted to have a piano practice for the first time in weeks.  Tch.


Here at Morti Mansions, the ol' papier mache has been making an appearance with Mr B making headdresses and masks for his Jester stories at Wolfshead.  The items you see below are apparently going to become three dragons and a mouse..  I've also been indulging in some paper and paste play, but I can't show you just yet.  You'll have to wait at least...ooh...5 weeks?  Fnar fnar.

Other things going on here include our weekend at Corfe - amazing crowds and some fabulous - and not so fabulous, but mostly fabulous - weather.  You can see Lil Miss B there in the first picture, sitting on the grass dressed in blue.

Also on the agenda this past week we squeezed in a visit to Caen Hill where Lil Miss B got her first go at opening a lock gate (for that matter, so did I!) .....

And we paid a visit to Monkey World in Dorset....

.... though I'm not so sure that one of the residents didn't sneak a ride home with us....

All in all, a fab Easter.

Ok, I'm off on the hop - don't forget to check out my BLOG CANDY which I will be drawing on Friday!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

WOYWW 97 - the dangerous one...

Ok, talk about a title and a half.  Now, for people who have come here by accident, WOYWW is something set up by Delectable Desk Detective Dunnit, and you can find out more here.

Moving on from last week's kitchen table, Mr B suggested that I really should call this "WOYFW" as in What's On Your Floor Wednesday.  No, it's not THAT anacronym, Doone.....  See below.

We've moved off the table and onto the floor, and what you see lined up before you is the final stages of the marathon painting session.  There are more lurking around the corner in the cloakroom!  I would like to thank Mr B and even Lil Miss B for their assistance - without them this would have been an epic fail.  Grateful thanks indeed go to Mr B who has varnished all these today while I've been at work.  Twice.  That's not to say I've done nothing.  Someone had to cut the stencil and mark up all the boards, and paint.  The two B's just helped, one much more than the other.  Lil Miss B even put her hand to sanding.  Nuff said.

Normal service will resume next week.  There's an art journal just crying out for me to take part - except I'm 15 weeks behind and have some SERIOUS catching up to do.

And go on, you know you want to join in the candy - there's only 16 entrants so far and whilst I know it's not the greatest selection, there is a recession on you know.  I'm not sure how people can afford to offer such great candy.  *sigh*  Still, you might be in with a chance of winning this one if not many take part.  LOL.  So if you want to join in, go HERE

Catch you around!  We're off to Corfe Castle this weekend for an event, so if you're in the area, pop in!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

WOYWW 96 - the one from the kitchen table

Just a quickie from me this week, and a late one at that!

This week's WOYWW (go here to see more info and jump onto the desk bus for all stops) is brought to you from my kitchen table.


It's my desk this week.

My normal desk is still my desk, but this week I'm working from the kitchen table on.......

Danger Flying Arrows signs.

You see, every year we have a kit weekend for Wolfshead, and every year the paintwork on the Danger signs gets tidied up a little.  Only this year (just about a month ago) the signs were touched up...... and were then not finished, and to cap it all, the paint didn't dry.

So we brought them home and have been working on them.  Trimming them all so they all match and are the same size (having been made in fits and starts over the last decade or so), sanding them down, repainting them, and varnishing them.  I have about 18 to do - none are as yet completed, and only two have all the painting done.  All of them will need a coat of varnish.

So excuse me while I disappear - my paintbrush awaits me!

Oh, and don't forget to enter into my blog candy will you!?  It's HERE

PS.  We've decided on the Panto for next year and it's The Wizard of Oz.  Yours truly is the.....drumroll please..... set designer! Woohoooo!!!!!!
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