Thursday, 14 July 2011

Just an experiment, don't mind me....

I've been having trouble uploading images to Pinterest so I'm trying it this way.... don't mind me, eh? 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

WOYWW 110 - the almost didn't happen one...

Well, hello.  I'm a bit late to this week's party, but I have a letter for Miss from my mum saying it's alright that I'm late.

See, I was wondering, at 10pm on Monday, whether or not I'd have desk to show this week.  Or rather, what exactly my desk would be.  The thought, at that time, that was running through my head was one of a certain blog challenge called The Month in Numbers.  And, ironically enough, as I was laying on my back on the hospital trolley looking up at the light I thought, well, 4 is the number of paramedics/first responders who attended the call, and 5 is the number of screws in the lamp above my trolley.  I knew at that point I was probably ok..... LOL

To put it into a nutshell, I've been having tummy troubles for a while, but it's never happened at work - 15 mins from the end of the day on Monday I had chronic belly ache and so my colleagues had me shipped off in a meat wagon.  They let me out again that night, with no defined clue as to the problem but they're now going to treat me for IBS and see if that works.  Currently, I feel like I spent two days having Mike Tyson rearrange my insides, I have a Dr's appt for tonight, and am off work because I can't stay in any one position for too long.  So I'll keep it fairly brief!

My desk this week is not quite, but pretty much, as I left it.

The tan box with doors (can you tell what it is yet?) on my work mat is part of Mum's birthday card that I'm building.  I'm trying to drum up the energy to finish it because I need it for Friday.  It shouldn't take me too long - I've done the really hard part, the cutting out.  Now I just have to colour the remaining card and glue the whole lot together.  Oh, and make the box for it to go in.

Just beyond the current project, to the left of that little blue punch and in front of Hel's tag (still in place of honour for I-am-not-worthy worship) is Mr B's current project - he's making double slider cards (oh yes, graduated from 3D decoupage we have, into paper engineering) for his leavers, which will hang from helium filled balloons.  They look pretty good.  What you see there is the front panel for the card but it's not showing up very well.  He's even doing stencilling and heat embossing.  Now I know why I hoarded stash all these years.

Ok, my tum is telling me it's time to go and lie down.  I wonder what's on Create & Craft today.....?

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Welcome, welcome, to the weekly wonder that is What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  Please visit Queen Julia of Snoopdom's blog, The Stamping Ground, for the S.P. on what I'm going on about!

Now, for anyone watching last week, you'd have seen that LL Jan stepped in for Julia - and it turned out to be a most fortuitous occasion.  A couple of you have been to my blog since and spotted my more recent post, but for those that didn't and are interested, visit my post "A funny thing happened on the way to the netball" .  Absolutely incredible!  (Hi Jan!)

So, what indeed is on my desk this week?  Look closely, and you'll see the fabulous tag I won on Hel's blog last week - it's absolutely gorgeous and rather large as you can see!  I love the colours, and little does Hels know it, but blue butterflies mean something rather special to me, so I love it twice as much.... Thanks Hels!

Also on my desk are the startings of the card I'm making for Mum's 80th birthday which is in...erm...10 days.  Best get my skates on with it this weekend!  I even succumbed to a purchase of flower soft, which I'm going to need.... LOL

Now, you see just to the right of my cutting mat?  That's it, go on, zoom in... A grid of numbers?  I'm sad enough to generate a grid every Wednesday - and I tick off each number as I visit it!  Yup, sad like I said.  But it stops me double tracking and as I surf from both work (during lunch of course!) and home, the links don't highlight in both places!

Hardanger update - by hoosie this is taking a while!  I had foolishly suggested to Lil' Miss B that I would have it finished by the end of June, but guess I was wrong on that count....LOL.  At least it is progressing, and noticebly so.  That's good, because I have three other WIPS (or UFOs if you prefer - LOL) to get stuck into after this.... sigh

Right-o - off on the hop, catch you out there!!!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the netball....

I had a surreal moment today.  You know, one of those chance things...

Today, Mr B took a team from his school to another school in the area (and an hour away from where we live) for a netball tournament at their annual fete.  I went along to support, like I always do - I like to see something of my fella at weekends you know.  Unusual, but true.

Anyway, I and another mum went for a wander in the direction of the coffee stall, and as I rounded the corner I was greeted with a sight that made me stop and do a double take.  At first, I saw some aprons.  Then I noticed the doorstops.  And lastly, the bunny did it for me. 

I wandered up to the stall, and noticed first one sign, then another, and then said to the chap on the stall...

"Lunch Lady Jan?????"

He smiled, and said "ye-es...she's over there, playing the tuba with the brass band."

To cut a long story short ( I went back and got this photo when she returned), if Jan hadn't done WOYWW this week, we would never have known that each other was at the event.  As it is, I have a new friend, a phone number, and an invitation to coffee. 

Thanks Julia!!!
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