Wednesday, 11 November 2020

WOYWW 597 - Remembrance Day

Welcome back to What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - the weekly blog hop hosted by our lovely Julia here.  Do go and have a look at the other busy desks and workstations being presented as part of the hop!

This week has been quiet on the crafting front, but busy on the tidying front.

Mr B even got in on the act, working hard to clean up the shed after we discovered rats living in there.  A moment's lack of judgment in placing a bag of unwanted dog food (it upsets the dogs' tummies too much) and the rats thought it was fiesta time.... oops.  So now starts the hard slog to rid ourselves of the wee beasties.  Not that we dislike rats, with Miss B having kept pet ones as a child, but the vermin variety as opposed to the domesticated variety are far more problematic and can cause some very nasty diseases.  The trouble is, the in house rat catcher is not allowed out, with us living on a very busy main road.  Sigh.  Otherwise it would be problem solved.  So down go the traps and bait and we wait.

Indoors, I dealt with the desk spaces that need a tidy up although looking around me now I can see a degree of slippage.  Must remember to read books when I buy them, not six years later.  And dispose of packaging!  Tut!

On the desk are multiple projects awaiting completion.  Including sourcing a new home for our pet rock, Iggy.  His broke in transit and you can see his home in a bag on the desk.

I stitched the edges of the two cross-stitches that are on the desk - they're just awaiting stretching and framing now.  It's quite fiddly getting it right, to ensure that pictures are straight, especially when they have straight lines on, so I can't do more than one in a week or I end up thoroughly depressed and a bit slapdash by the time I get to the last one.

The cactus has also progressed a little - back-stitching makes such a difference but it's quite tedious on this design as there's lots of jumping about for odd stitches.  I don't mind it as a general rule but I did so much stitching the last couple of months, I'm enjoying taking a break. Back to it this week though, as those other projects won't get done otherwise!

Enjoy the hop - I hope to get round to as many of you as I can today...


Wednesday, 4 November 2020

WOYWW 596 - Calm Before The Storm

Hello again and welcome back to my desk for WOYWW - What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday. Hosted as ever by the lovely Julia. 

Not much to see or report this week.  The whole room is a bit of a mess - in the corner you can see my actual “office” area. I’m waiting for Miss B to move out properly, that is, finish Uni and decide if she’s staying in Exeter, or if she needs to come home for a bit first. The plan is to move the office into her bedroom, move the desks around a bit, and put a sofa bed in so that I can stitch upstairs, or we can have guests. This year has been really tough for Uni students, and the part of her Drama course she loves most (practicals) is on hold, thanks to Covid-19, which is making her feel very down. 

On the right you can see a sheet hanging up. This is my dreadful attempt to screen the Kallax unit when I have to do a Zoom call for work. Teams is good because I can change the background but because work won’t pay for a pro subscription to Zoom, I can’t change the background or blur it and it’s just too busy and interesting. 

The other side of the room is just as bad, but improving. I’ve bought a tripod and ring light because the plan (er-herm) is to start doing Flosstube videos. I’ve also started working on a video showing the Barn Owl progress from start to finish. I’ll post a link when it’s uploaded. The poor Halloween wall hanging is still waiting for attention!

I’ve also had a trolley from IKEA waiting for me to decide what goes in it, and a moment of inspiration prompted me to make it my sewing trolley. When not in use the machine has sat on the floor, occasionally getting kicked. Oops... this means that the desk it’s usually sat on can be alternated for other purposes - scrapbooking, laptop work... now to clear the rest of the mess on it and put the theory to test. 

And lastly the cactus picture. A little bit of progress from last week - I’ve not worked on it since last Friday - but with lockdown starting tomorrow, the wedding it was intended for has been postponed and it won’t be finished now until the week before the new wedding date - once the bride and groom have picked it. 

The original chart called for satin stitch in the ring, but I didn’t like how it looked (messy!), so picked two of the colours they used and cross-stitched it instead. Much neater!

So that’s it for this week. Posting this has given me a push to pick the stitching back up and get it as finished as possible, before putting it away, and then to work on the next thing. 

Adios - catch you on the blog-hop!

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