Wednesday, 28 December 2011

WOYWW 134 - or.... WWUYCT

Welcome to the Betwixtmas WOYWW - and on this occasion, I'm also calling it WWUYCT, or What Was Under Your Christmas Tree?

For newbies who don't have a clue what I'm on about, the deets can be found HERE at Dunnit Dimensions.

I had a bit of a fail this week.  I had every intention of visiting everyone who visited me on last week's WOYWW, and didn't.  I simply didn't get on the computer.  I also intended to post on Christmas day, but we went for a Xmas Geocache, and were out for 4 hours, finding 18 Geocaches on a six mile walk.  It was an epic success, and made our Xmas, I have to say. 

Yes we're sad, but how many of you managed to get an 11 year old to walk 6 miles on Christmas Day without complaining, and more to the point, having only opened TWO presents???  An equal success, because it wore out some of her bounce, made Christmas last all day, and then into the bargain, the originator of the Cache ring watched us do part of it from his home, and came out halfway through to ply us with Mince Pies!  Yay!  Can I just add that Lil Miss B is as "into" Geocaching as we are, so it was no hardship for her, she enjoyed it as much as we did. 

Well, onto the main point of my blathering.

My desk this week, as you can see, is clean and pretty tidy.  All ready for the next bout of creativity. 

My fingers are itching.  Amongst my lovely presents was a signed book from Spellbound Beads on beaded baubles, and a kit of the Emperor Bauble (this will be my third bauble from SB themselves).  Having not actually done the last one I bought (The Romanov), I feel I should complete it before starting the new one.  And I feel confident to start it because I actually finished the Charmed Stocking on Boxing Day, and it now hangs on our tree after its photo shoot (see below).

As for WWUYCT - here are the gratuitous present shots:

Yes, that's a lot of presents, mostly for Lil Miss B!

I had lots of lovely craft stuff in addition to the bits mentioned above - Distress Inks, TH's scissors, 12 x 12 papers, peeloffs in attractive borders, Shapeabilities fleur de lis accents..... I could go on....

 So, I hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas, coupled with good cheer, laughter, plenty of love, light and happiness, and generally a joyous time.

I'll leave you with one last chuckle though - on his wish list, Mr B had asked for a new memory stick, a 4GB "peg".  Lil Miss B gave him this - a fridge magnet to clip his notes to.....

Catch you on the hop!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

WOYWW 133 - Merry Christmas to All!

So here it is.  The Christmas edition of WOYWW.  In honour of the occasion, here is a slightly blurred, but very sparkly looking photo of my Christmas tree.  I would have shown you a picture taken with flash, but that just ruined the festive look.  So you'll have to go with the mellow yellow version.  LOL.

So what is on my workdesk this Wednesday?  For those who are new to the phenomenon created by the ebullient Ms Budd, go to The Stamping Ground for all the deets and the funky roadmap that is the great and wonderful Mr Linky.  And I can honestly say, having sampled the delights last evening, that the sheet cake was truly yummy.  Thanks Julia!

My desk. Oh ROFL.  What do we have here?  Well, yes, this isn't Wednesday's photo, but Tuesday night's, and it appears I have another squatter.  This time Mr B is at it, making a pop out Christmas card for his parents, to deliver tomorrow. 

My desk this week has been a  lap tray in the lounge because that has been the most comfy place to work.  I've still not finished my charmed stocking but I have, er herm, managed to bead two other baubles for ladies who I am honoured to call my friends.  Said baubles have been safely delivered, but I didn't managed to finish them in time for a photo opportunity.  You'll just have to take my word for it that they sparkled elegantly, and hanging on the recipients' trees look baubles.  Fab!

Thank you all for your warm wishes regarding my op.  I've been poked, prodded, stitched and bruised, and am due to make my second attempt to return to work tomorrow (the first being a bit of a fail because I wasn't really well enough, naivety and optimism leading me to think I was...LOL).  The surgeon has found and dealt with one issue on my insides, we just have to wait three months to see if it's worked, and if not, try a different tack.  Joy joy.

Here's to wishing you all a very merry Christmas and see you at Betwixtmas if not before - I will endeavour to do a WUYCT (What's Under Your Christmas Tree) for Christmas Day!

See you on the hop!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

WOYWW 132 - Success!

Welcome to WOYWW once more.  For all the deets on this desk-hopping extravanganza, go HERE.

So, just a quickie from me tonight - we have success!  I finally managed to get my star card completed, and here it is.  I apologise for the state of the photos, I've taken them in rather a hurry tonight after spending a couple of hours unsuccessfully trying to resolve an email issue.  Darned BT!

Yes, an awful lot of work went into those, and I won't know for a couple of days whether or not it's worth it, but it was fun!

I've just realised I didn't take a decent picture of the section of the card with the 5 pointed star pop out.  Oh well!

Not much else has happened here at Morti Mansions - unfortunately, Lil Miss B's Christmas trip to Granny in France has been cancelled at the eleventh hour because the Wicked Real-Mother failed to check the passport (we didn't have it, so didn't know) until last night and discovered it had expired.  Neither she nor we have the funds to replace it this close to Christmas, even if she managed to get an appointment to do so.  I wouldn't mind, but her other daughter's had expired earlier this year and it didn't occur to her to check it at the time.... I have to say that Lil Miss B has mixed feelings about the trip being cancelled - the silver lining is that she doesn't have to spend Christmas with Granny.  The sad part is that it's just re-inforced in her young mind what a waste of space her real mother is.  Such a shame.

Anyway, I digress...

Other than the card, my desk is pretty clear.  Lil Miss B had a marathon session on Monday night and made a fridge magnet for her Guide Leader for Christmas, but that's all the excitement my desk has seen this week.  If you can see my two new jesters lurking, I might offer a prize for the two best names you guys can come up with!

Catch you on the hop!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

WOYWW 131 - Epic fail, comme normale...

Well, hello my WOYWWing friends.  If you don't WOYWW, why not?  All the deets are here.

Well, this week has been, as the title suggests, an epic fail.  Shoshi brilliantly managed to prod my memory that I do actually have a Silhouette SD but it hasn't actually helped.  The amount of detail involved in this particular cut means that it takes a lot of time to cut, and the blade on the machine doesn't always cut all the way through.  Which I think is the machine's way of telling me I need a new blade.  That and the fact that I haven't quite mastered converting a Jpeg to a GSD file for the machine.  Ho hum.  Before someone points out that I ought to do a double cut etc, I know all that, but it's struggling with the fine detail and doing double tracks etc.  I need a decent tute. I've spent far too much time on this already - but have invested more time than makes me want to back out of the comp!  ROFL.  Anyone mention the word masochist?

So here is my desk, with one partially cut out PCB design.  We're having a stay-at-home weekend this weekend, and I'm hoping to spend most of Saturday in the craft room.  Some hope... We managed to put the tree up, put lights on it, and a star at the top.  But Mr B didn't take too kindly to my suggestion that we leave it like that!  Oh well.

Don't look too closely at my desk - you might notice two tealight holders at the back that I was supposed to work some magic on.  Shhh - don't tell Tracy.....

I will try to get round as many as I can this week!  Hope you're all not too stressed out with Christmas!
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