Sunday, 14 February 2010

That fork...?

I'm taking the hard road....

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Fork in the road....

I find myself at an interesting point in my life right now.

I'm getting close to a fork in the road. Up ahead of me, in the middle distance, I can see this fork.

One road is pretty much the same as the one I'm on at the moment. It's safe, it's easy to travel and it's dull. Did I mention it was safe? It also is very constricting, like travelling down a dark passage where you can see the sky over your head, and birds flying but you can't get to them, except at occasional breaks in the rock wall either side.

The other road is open on all sides, and the scenery is fantastic. In the far distance, I can see a friend of mine beckoning me on, telling me there's all sorts of fun stuff and happy times ahead, but to get to that point I have to traverse the most difficult, unsafe and awkward road going. Full of potholes. And sharp stuff that I'm definitley going to catch myself on and hurt myself. There's going to be tears. I'm going to need both hands, so will have to travel light and there's no safety net. But the promise of the further road where I can run from side to side in freedom has a great allure.

Now, which road do I take?

Decisions, decisions.......
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