Tuesday, 30 August 2011

WOYWW 117 - Oh DUDE - THERE's my craftroom!

Well we're in.  Just about.  Shoe-horned into a bigger house with no garage and almost no loft.  You can imagine it, can't you?

If you can't, here's a couple of pics to help!

My new craft room:

Rose Cottage:

The kitchen-diner:

The bee-you-tiful garden...

The master bedroom - more boxes!

Star of the Week award goes to familly LLJ, who were just amazing with their help and moral support on the box lugging front.  We have a lot of boxes.  As you can see.

The mad rambling above, for those not in the know, is part of an international blog hop known as WOYWW - for all the deets head here

Now, I'm not actually going to be blog-hopping much this week.  Maybe not even next.  I might not appear next week either.

This is on account of the fact that Dipstick of the Year award goes to BT, who having been told by the previous residents of this gorgeous abode that they were moving out as of the 26th Aug, decided not to disconnect their phoneline until today (which is why I'm a day early posting, in case I lose all telephone and internet access) and are choosing not to reconnect us until the 8th September!!!!   WTF is that all about?????  Surely some geek just has to unplug one wire and connect it somewhere else?  Or tap in a passcode?  In the meantime, BT lose 8 days of money from us, cos our old line is no longer in use.  STOOPID!

So, until we meet again, sayonara.  Or perhaps Au Revoir is more accurate.

Edited to add - here I am at 11pm and we still have internet.  Go figure.....

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Too funny...

You should go and check out what Simon has been up to on Penni's blog.  He's got some rubbish candy (except it's not) up for grabs.

I'm glad Mr B knows better than to have a tidy up, per se, but who knows whether or not he might blog on my behalf in future!!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

WOYWW 116 - DUDE! Where's my Craft Room????

Well, it's happened.

THESE were the photos I took yesterday morning, meaning to use them for today's WOYWW.  Before you say it, I know the calendar still says April.

However, when I got in from work last night, THIS was what greeted me. 

The boxing fairy has been at work in my absence.  Yes, he does also do the ironing, and cooks, and no you can't have him.

I was half expecting it, having been warned that the room was being moved around to accommodate the contents of the attic (which haven't yet made it downstairs) but even so!  And as you can see, my desk has boxes on it.  Again.

For anyone new to the phenomenon that is WOYWW - visit Julia and find out more!  Be prepared for a delve into the murky world of the crafter's desk...... 

Oh, and as promised - the other baby Alpaca, the newest one.  The middle Alpaca of the three is the oldest baby born this year, and the one on the left is the littlest one's Mum....


Next week - new house!  Can't promise I'll get round any desks - the broadband isn't being connected until the 8th September!! ULP!!!!

Edited to add - RosA has asked what's in my drawer units, so I've replied to her with the following.... "The plastic drawer units house my everything!  About 13 of them hold my rubber stamps, categorised.  Then the others hold all sorts - Card blanks and envelopes/inserts, one drawer for adhesives, one each for dye and pigment ink, colouring mediums, theres a drawer for my sizzix dies, one for my stencils & templates, 3 or 4 are sheets of card, in colour groups, theres 3D decoupage, one for peeloffs.... you get the general idea!"

Darling Boxing Fairy (aka Mr B) has cling wrapped all 60 drawers so that they don't need to be boxed up - just lifted out of their units, the units put on the van, and the drawers transported separately.....

Friday, 19 August 2011

Mind yer plums....!

We have a veritable fruit mountain at the moment.  The plum tree, which last year poked its proverbial tongue out at us and said "shan't" has been prolific, as has the Bramley apple next to it.  And when I say prolific, I mean.....


You know, along the lines of carrying a 3kg bag of each variety of fruit into work each day and begging people to help themselves.

I probably wouldn't bother so much, except we move out in a week and

a) I hate to see good food go to waste
b) I don't have time to make jam/cakes/crumbles/apple pies/bottle plums.....
c) My freezer is already full of apple..... from last year!!!
d) I'll be darned before I let the lettings agency get their hands on all that free food!  We've put enough love and effort into the garden and the trees, we ought to reap the benefit or at least pass it on to friends who deserve it....

Plum, anyone?

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

WOYWW 115 - the one with the plastic box

Well, I was full of the intention of waxing lyrical last night on the subject of my weekend, and the ravening hoards who descended upon my tent/campsite, but I couldn't have put it any more eloquently than the fabulous Mrs Dunnit.  Except perhaps maybe to mention the plum stone spitting contest (brief, but amazing) whereby I nearly choked with Julia telling me not to ... um... choke.... and to mention the glowstick-frisbee, with Master LLJ going arse over tit more than once.... No, Julia told it like it was and it was like she tells it! 

I decided that a photo of LLJ and the Dunnitster from the back, spitting plum stones, would probably get me the biggest "unfriend" of the year if I posted it on here, so have elected not to do so.  Call me prudent if you like.  I am taking bribes though.  Preferably Nestie shaped ones.

I can show a manly photo of us being waited on though!

Or perhaps not.  No, instead, I'd better get back to the point of the post which is....drum roll please..... WOYWW 115!  Yup, it's that time of the week again when we get to blop about the world and snoop and loiter at other folks' desks.

Mine however, will just get me a load of swift bypasses.

Yep, the great packup has begun.  The RUB (Really Useful Box TM ) on my desk is actually box number 4 - the other three all being cardboard, but then again the items on my desk deserve the best.  Copics, ya know?  Tools.  Stuff. Basically all my desk things.  I figured if it was a clear box, I would be able to identify it quickly, and it would stay separate to the other thousand labelled "craft".  LOL.

Stay tuned for another installment of "Dude, where's my craft room....?"

PS,  Sad news, we believe the baby alpaca died - there was more wrong with it than appeared at first - the wonky legs were down to a problem with its pelvis, and Mum refused to feed it.  Another baby has appeared now, and Mr B has been tasked with getting a photo today....

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

WOYWW 114 - the one with not a lot of change to it....

Well, here we are again, off on the wonderous blog hop that is WOYWW, and my desk doesn't look like I've touched it.

That'll be because I haven't.  ROFL

Though it's turned out somewhat fortuitous, as  a couple of belated birthday presents arrived this week for Lil Miss B, and she elected to make thank you cards (my god, I've spawned a creative monster, none of my stash is safe....) and as a result my desk looks like this....

Here's the second of the two cards she made.....

Complete with not-quite-straight lines and dodgy peeloffs.  Mostly her own work with very little creative input from yours truly.

May I please state for the record that we haven't been idle - our hallway does now resemble a warehouse....

Now, the keen eyed and observant folk amongst you will recall that last week I made mutterances towards the general direction of a video tutorial for the shiplap timber wood effect thingummy wotsit.

Well, up there towards the top of my blog you will see a new tab that says "tutorials".  Look ye hence, and ye will find my tute.  Yup.  There it is, in all its slightly flickering, poorly lit glory.  I, being my own worst critic, hate it.  However, in self defence I will say that I did it completely off the cuff, in one take, and it's the first take.  It was a "now or never" moment, as I was in the middle of making Mum's card... It had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with me wanting to trying out the video camera on my new iPhone 4, no siree...... *attempts to whistle nonchalantly*

So there you have it.  Morti madness at its best.

Lastly, I'd like to share with you a photo of our newest neighbour.  Taken yesterday afternoon, when the wee mite was less than an hour old....

We do have video of it failing epically to walk in a straight line - its back legs seem a little too long for it at the mo, and it has been moved to the nursery pen because it wouldn't feed straight away, but oh, how cute!

Catch you all on the hop.....!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

WOYWW 113 - I'm ba-ack!

Did ya miss me?  No?  Good for you!

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes and comments.  We're not yet at the bottom of the problem - one Dr thinks it's IBS, another thinks its something else, I've tried cutting wheat out with a small modicum of success but with not entirely perfect results so we have to try and find out what else is causing the problems.  Next appointment, 17th August.  Fab. 

I've been AWOL for a couple of reasons, not least of which was a trip to Cornwall.  I think I might join in the beach brigade (just because I've been absent doesn't mean I've not been blopping, y'know!)  and add an indulgent beach shot here....

That's Mr B and Lil Miss B in the boat!

My desk this week looks like this.  All you lot with your ATGs?  Nah - THIS is what I call a tape gun!  Yup - house move is happening in three weeks, so the desk is gradually going to look barer and barer.... ulp.....

The good news is that despite being poorly, I managed to get Mum's card made, and here it is in all its glory.  She loved it, I loved making it and it was a great learning curve.  I have actually made a tutorial video for how to do the planking on plain card, though I'm not sure anyone would be interested enough to watch it!  I've yet to upload it as I'm on another learning curve with my video editing software, so watch this space.... Mum's birthday bash went really well and she made the most fantastic birthday cake - her best yet!  Mind you, with 60-something years of baking practice under her belt, she ought to be doing something right by now... LOL

Lastly for this week, but not least, was the fact that it was Lil Miss B's last day at primary school on the 21st July.  Lucky her, Dad managed to get out of school early (thank you Mrs Harvey) and arrived just in time to hear her flute solo in the leavers' assembly.  Then, at the end of the school day, members of the 3rd Yorkshire Regiment drummed and marched the year 6 children, and those that have been posted to other parts of the county, out of school.  We were very proud...

Well that's it for now.  I've got lots more news, info, craft stuff etc to post about but it's late on Tuesday, I've packed a load of boxes, and now my shower calls.  In the meantime, if you're new to this WOYWW lark, head over to Dunnit Dimensions where all will be revealed by our tour guide and general meeting point, Julia!
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