Friday, 19 August 2011

Mind yer plums....!

We have a veritable fruit mountain at the moment.  The plum tree, which last year poked its proverbial tongue out at us and said "shan't" has been prolific, as has the Bramley apple next to it.  And when I say prolific, I mean.....


You know, along the lines of carrying a 3kg bag of each variety of fruit into work each day and begging people to help themselves.

I probably wouldn't bother so much, except we move out in a week and

a) I hate to see good food go to waste
b) I don't have time to make jam/cakes/crumbles/apple pies/bottle plums.....
c) My freezer is already full of apple..... from last year!!!
d) I'll be darned before I let the lettings agency get their hands on all that free food!  We've put enough love and effort into the garden and the trees, we ought to reap the benefit or at least pass it on to friends who deserve it....

Plum, anyone?

1 comment:

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Thank you for ours - plum crumble, mmmmmmm xxx

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