Wednesday, 20 October 2010

WOYWW 72 – the one without the snappy title

I’m very glad we have WOYWW. Without it, Wednesday would pass by in a blur and get forgotten. We’d also find ourselves saying “OMG, where HAS the month gone”, rather than “OMG, where HAS the week gone”. Vitally important, that. We all think it’s making the weeks go by really fast but in actual fact it’s punctuating the month quite nicely, thank you very much, and slowing time down a tad.

OK, I’ve waffled enough. You don’t want to hear my mad ramblings….. hmmmm….I’ve heard that somewhere before…. *ROFLMAO*

We’re here for one thing and one thing only. Our illustrious, standing-in-for-Shopkeeper-Gal, Julia has this fab blog HERE where you will find out more about the wonder that is WOYWW. Go see. No, don’t go see, not yet anyway…. Heheheh

I think I’m playing a game with you guys without realising it. It’s called “see if you can work out what has changed on my desk this week….” The study books are still there but the CJ is actually open (*can I just add that it's not my entry page - didn't want to spoil the surprise for Alison, whose CJ it is, so am showing her own page!). We now also have the addition of a new storage box for my paltry collection of Copics (Silly Monkey Crafts has them on special at the mo, so I’m trying to work out how to extend my collection a little…..) and you might just spy a Joanna Sheen stamp of a lilac. This is for use in the CJ. I’ve been decidedly tardy in getting that one out in the post! To cap it all, the stamps I was originally going to use have also been used on the first page, and Mr B was cross with me for wanting to use the same ones. So – horror of horrors, hardship of hardships *snigger* – I’ve had to buy some NEW stamps to use. I’ll use the original one as well, but I need to modify it somewhat….

I have also figured that if I’m to use that button over there to the right… yes, that one, the one that says “Major Stamp Addiction”, I ought to put my money where my mouth is and show you guys what gives me the right to use it.


In almost all these drawers (what’s that, 16?) there are stamps. Rubber stamps, acrylic stamps, see through stamps, un-mounted, wood mounted, kling on and EZ mounted. Wheels and medallions, borders and corners, cute and artsy – you name it. But it’s not all of them, no siree! There’s also, lurking somewhere, a postcard album filled with my un-mounted celtic knotwork stamps. As you can see, a real addiction. I tried counting them once. Did a rough guesstimate. And didn’t dare tell my then husband that it was somewhere in the region of 500. That was 4/5 years ago….. oops. Admittedly, some of them are TINY. Like the Stamp Tapestry peg stamps (got about 4 sets of those…..). So what would you do? Count them individually, or as a set? After all, I do use them individually on other projects where I don't use the whole set...

I’m a big fan of getting as much as you can for as little outlay as poss. Like buying medieval tile stamps from The Stampsmith – a WHOLE A4 sheet of them, about 25 stamps…. Cool….. I rarely buy wood mounted stamps these days – I simply cannot justify spending ten quid on a stamp when I can get a whole sheet of them for that. It has to be REALLY special (or a Hollyberry House medallion) for me to splurge like that!

The drawers themselves are labelled according to theme, but I think I’m in need of a bit of a sort out. "Miscellaneous", for example, is bursting at the seams – I need to create a new drawer for “Architectural” for a start. The one labelled “Fauna” may well need to be divided up into “Animals” and “Winged Creatures”. But under those circumstances, where would I stick the dragons? In “Fantasy” or “Winged Creatures”. The mind boggles….

And whilst we are on the subject of storage of stamps, as you can see from my medieval drawer (below) , my weapon of choice used to be the flat Ferrero Rocher boxes. They are the perfect depth for wood mounted stamps, and stack quite nicely too. They also hold a lot of UMs. I have more of those than I really want to admit to, though I will say that my post -Christmas gift from Mum used to include a stack of them she’d rounded up from her friends.

My fave companies? Anything with a decent Angel policy, for a start (hear that, Hero Arts?). But actual companies – Third Coast Rubber are top of my list. Stampsmith, Clarity, Crafty Individuals, Paper Artsy, Magnolia, Sarah Kay, De Stempelwinkel, Katzelkraft…..I could go on, and on, and on…. Which manufacturers always make you reach for your bank card without too much hesitation?

OK, that’s it. You can go now…… See you around!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ride 'em, Cowboy!

Ok, that's a bit of a lame title, I know.  Especially as it has such a tenuous link to what we got up to on Saturday evening, but I thought I should post a little bit about what we did.

Verwood Panto Society hosted a fundraiser, and the Country band, Neon Moon, played for us for free.  We all bought tickets, and this meant that after the hall hire had been paid for, everything else went to the Society to help raise funds to pay for the new costume shed we just bought.  Neon Moon were ok - have to say that really cos the drummer is in the panto society! - but the music they played would only have been well known to fans of Country music.  It wasn't exactly a get-up-and-dance evening, except when Steve (the drummer) put his disco on when the band weren't playing.... Poor Lil Miss B was a bit bored most of the time.

Highlight of the evening?  The sunset on the way there.....

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Super Blog Candy!

Going Buggy blog has some fab blog candy up for grabs, and to be in with a chance go here.

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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

WOYWW 71 – going nowhere fast

Another week has whizzed by and here we are again at the behest of Ms Dunnit (see HERE for info), viewing a desk that has changed very little. Oh wait. It’s tidy!

Yup, you got it. Mr B put his foot down with a firm hand and pointed out that unless I tidy the desk, I can’t work on it. You see, I’ve been complaining that doing my studies at the table in the kitchen is a nightmare. It’s the main thoroughfare through to the fridge/larder/kettle, and so I was getting constant interruptions. I’d made noises about studying in the office, and lo, a tidy desk was born. (Working there also means I get to have X Factor on ITVPlayer – we don’t have TV reception here; long story for a different day)

And so, after Saturday’s card making session (see Tuesday’s post here) I wound up spending 7 (yes, SEVEN) hours in here on Sunday studying. It means I finally finished Lesson 1 at last. Modal Auxilliary anyone?  So, what is currently on my desk is my study book and a notepad.  And that CJ I STILL haven't done.  I will, Sarah & Alison, I will!  

Last Wednesday I had a card on my desk which was in the throes of being created. If you have a good hunt in the previous photo you might find it!  Here is the finished article. I like it; Mr B keeps asking me who it’s for – I say anyone who has a birthday coming up, or an anniversary, who might like it. LOL. 

Stamp: Flourish by The Fourth Dimension, + random corner I can’t identify.
Ink: Adirondack Cabin Fever (which I think needs replacing as the inks have merged!)
Glitter: Art Institute Autumn collection.
Punch: Martha Stewart, naturally.

I also have a confession to make. Last week I showed you all my ribbon storage. What I forgot to mention is that those hangers are only half the tale. The five sets of plastic drawers that run the length of the room have two drawers in them that are dedicated to the storage of ribbons on reels and fibres. I’ve not quite got around to sorting them out fully and displaying them on similar hangers, though I think that is in the offing shortly because I need some more drawers for the ever growing stamp population. In fact, all the drawers need a sort out really, and re-labelling.

Oh well.

So, this week it’s a welcome to pixiholly and Nicola Fail who have become followers of the Mad Rambler, and an apology to those of you I didn’t get round to. I know I suggested working my way backwards from the end of Mr Linky, but I actually ended up doing reciprocal blopping (blog-hopping). I think I’ve managed everyone who commented, plus a couple of extras, but otherwise….. sorry!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

You want what and when?????

It always happens doesn’t it? That chance remark. That subtle, last-minute reminder. I should have known what was coming the month or so before when we arranged a trip on Saturday and the comment came up of “oh, that’s Mum & Dad’s Wedding Anniversary weekend”. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when, on Saturday, after getting in and realising that we hadn’t picked up a gift, we needed to go back into town to get one and he says “can we rustle up a quick card? If I tell you what I’ve got in mind, can you do it?”

We had, literally, two hours before the shops closed, and I’m supposed to rustle up a quick card and get back into town to find a gift?

Naturally, we did it. In fact, the card from last Wednesday’s WOYWW was the inspiration, as it gave me a launching off point. Mr B pointed out the colours he wanted, I had a bit of a fiddle, and Robert was my mother’s brother. Voila. One card.

Stamp: Flourish by The Fourth Dimension, stamped twice to make a longer image.
Ink: Versamark
EP: Moonglow embossing powder in Venus Violet Blue
Punch: Martha Stewart, naturally.
Ribbons:  Lilac organza and purple satin
Additional bling and a peel-off

As a result of this card, I was then able to go on and finish the other one from last week. I’ll put that one in tomorrow’s WOYWW though.

And the original trip we had planned? Mr B had bought me a hot air balloon flight for my birthday earlier this year, and unfortunately this was the third time we’d tried to book it, and the third time it had been cancelled due to the weather (on this occasion, low visibility and high winds at altitude). We’re cashing in the ticket, as they’ve said we cannot book again now until the spring, and unless you take your flight before the anniversary of the purchase is up, you lose your money and your ticket. Mr B is going to put the money to something else for me. Hmmmm, now what shall I choose? More Copics? Some Nesties? Maybe a Cricut……. ?

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Once more with feeling – WOYWW 70

And so another week passes in Blogland and here we are on the merry-go-round of WOYWW. For those new to it, you can learn more here, over at the Stamping Ground where all will become crystal clear. Rather than mud like, which is no doubt how you feel after visiting my wallow hollow. LOL.

So what is on MY desk this week? Not an awful lot really. As per usual. It would be nice to have time to sit and craft properly. So you can see where I’ve had a stab at using one of my new flourish stamps to start work on a card (got some brown velvet ribbon to add to it next, and then I need something else – it doesn’t look right yet. There’s also some Kling on for mounting stamps. That’s Kling On, not Klingon. The image conjured up is quite amusing though, if somewhat unwieldy. Nail polish remover for getting the indexing off clear stamps. Some buttons which just appeared as well – methinks they came from Mr B.

In answer to a question or two from last week – no, not a SINGLE soul actively came up to me and went “oooh, WOYWW!!! Who are you?”. I did get a few curious looks, and a thumbs up from Hels, but that was it. Next time, it’ll be deely boppers at dawn, but by then I’m sure that all the rest of the WOYWWers will be clued in and it will become a national treasure. It would have been nice for one new person to pop onto WOYWW and say, I’m here cos I saw a nutter in a t-shirt at AP and wondered what it was all about. Mind you, they may have cos I’ve not got round to everyone this week… *hangs head in shame*.

As for how I came by the t-shirt – t’was simples! Word art in Word 2007, a small piece of clipart for the heart, and then it was printed onto iron-on transfer paper (not forgetting to mirror image it first, of course!) and ironed onto a t-shirt. I will quite happily email the file to anyone who wants to do their own, but it’s quite easy, and you can always put your own spin on it. Mr B has already said that next time he wants a t-shirt too. Not sure whether or not I should be alarmed by that!

Oh, and the only reason I didn’t stamp it was a lack of time – the design was done on Friday evening before travelling up to London, the ironing on Saturday morning after I had bought a t-shirt at Mum’s local Asda, finished literally minutes before leaving the house for Ally Pally! I couldn’t find the deely boppers in the loft, you see……

Elsewhere in my room I thought I’d show you how I store my ribbons. I have two hangers – one for ribbon, one for organza and rik rak – and can see all colours at once and it’s easy to cut a small length when I need it. They don’t tangle either. And behind the door – there! That’s the piano hiding. I see that Lil Miss B has purloined the music stand and put it in her room again, and not returned it. Tsk. Music in the Music Room, missy! Can’t say I blame her though – it’s a little dark back there, even with the lights on.

I had intended to post on Saturday/Sunday after a visit to Kraft Krazy in Tidworth, and an encounter with Julia’s Shopkeeper Gal. Except I didn’t take a photo of the shop when I’d intended to, and I hate pictureless blogposts. Anyway, Shopkeeper Gal is a lovely lady, very helpful, and the shop is a veritable treasure trove of goodies. I thought after AP that I wouldn’t need any more stash, but there were one or two things I didn’t manage to get at AP that were in fact on my list (Xyron adhesive for one) and needless to say it wound up in my basket. Oops……… I now have a nice list of workshops to um and ah over which I want to do.

Gosh – is that the time? Best get a move on. I’m never going to get round everyone’s desks, so this week I’m going to start at the end and work backwards, as they are the gals who get very few comments! TTFN!

*ok, yes, so the time is in actual fact about midnight, eh?  I 'fess up.  I did this on Tuesday and scheduled it to post just after midnight on Wednesday because last week my scheduled post of 6am didn't happen, and I wondered if it was cos Blogger works on US time..... Yes, the picture of my desk was taken on Tuesday, but that's how it's going to be until Wednesday night because tonight is panto rehearsal and we won't be in until nearly midnight......
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