Wednesday, 30 October 2013

WOYWW......ING. 230

I've been a bit lax lately and not joined in, so here's a bit of fun for today.

I am:

Savoring the last few days of late October. Season of mists, and all that...
Finishing my magazines - they usually get left to rot, unread.
Learning some new craft techniques.
Trying to make better food choices.
Missing my dog, Twig, may his doggy soul rest in peace.
Hesitating on buying a laptop.
Ingesting lots of soup!
Meeting old friends and new.
Feeling optimistic for the future.
Thinking, "Car main dealerships are rip-off merchants when it comes to repairs"
Watching : Sons of Anarchy, season 4 - yes, I'm a bit behind.
Listening to Alter Bridge's Fortress album.
Loving my family very much.
Working towards not having to work.
Anticipating how much hard work a forthcoming project is going to be. (watch this space)
Wishing there was a LOT more time in each day.

What's your latest 'ing'?
In the meantime, I will be uploading a proper picture of my desk when I get home.  It is busy - I'm back to the Strawsilk glasswork in anticipation of craft fairs prior to Christmas.  We've had yet another car bill in and things are a bit of a struggle at the moment (so I guess you're wondering why I'm even considering a laptop let alone hesitating to buy one - well that's why we're hesitating) and we need some extra pennies.  We're working on that!
So, go and join in the hop started by the delightful Miss D and we'll catch you around here soon.  Hopefully I might get a chance to visit some folks!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Ho hum.

Here we are for another WOYWW (deets and the world keeps on turning.  Sorry I've not been around much - we've all had the Lurgy here and a fortnight ago we sadly had to let our beloved Twig cross the rainbow bridge which pretty much put a down on everyone's mojo. 

My desk this week mostly looks yarn shaped. I've finished work on one scarf, am working in this one...

...and working on a third one in regular wool as a knit-a-long with Mr B. yes, you read it right here.... Md B is knitting. He already knew the knit stitch, but no others and rather likes the idea of learning. It's the Navy part of him you see.  All those knots. 

I've done a wee bit to Project Life, but as always there's not much to show until the photos are developed so you'll just have to possess your souls in patience till then. 

 Will I get round anyone this week? Who knows? Panto is now in full rehearsal and this week Mr B is working nights on the trucks (having quit teaching - did I mention that yet?) so hopefully you'll see me on the hop....  Catch you around!!!

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