Thursday, 15 July 2010

Time flies when you're having fun.

And ain't that the truth?

Six weeks have just flown past in the blink of an eye, and they've been a fantastic six weeks at that.

I've moved house and committed myself to a new relationship with the most fantastic man ever. And I mean EVER. I'm doing my level best not to regret my life and my choices up until September of last year, because if I'd done anything different I wouldn't be here now, head over heels in love with the bestest person on the planet. And he is a dude! OK, so he's not tall, but he is definitely dark and handsome (swoon) and I love him to bits. He treats me with respect and kindness, values what I have to say and thinks I'm beautiful. And tells me so everyday. He knows the value of manners and kindness, and says I'm his missing piece. That we complement each other perfectly and bring out the best whilst tempering the worst. Hear hear, I say!

I know what I'm doing now is right though, because everything has been relatively easy - from explaining to my ex that I wanted a divorce, to selling the house and moving on; things have just slotted into place as if they were meant to be. So I'm content and happy and the world is turning the right way. I hasten to add that things hadn't been right with me and the ex from day 1, to be honest, so the new arrival in my life just made me make a decision I'd been mulling over for a few years. He wasn't responsible, and all three of us (!) know that! It's all been very amicable and we both get along with my ex (kinda handy really as we're all in Wolfshead doing events this year!)

Unexpected side effects of this relationship are a 9 year old who I adore and she me likewise, and the prospect of retraining and going back to my old teaching degree. I'm being shown what it's really like to be a teacher, and whilst I do regret not completing my B.Ed when I started it 20 years ago, I sincerely believe that the time was not right and it now is. At least I'm seeing what it's like to be a teacher warts and all. The long hours and the endless marking/preparation. It's not all class reading and extensive holidays you know!

I'll be back again soon with an update on the Wolfshead year - keep checking, and I'll get here eventually.... LOL
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