Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Don’t faint....

No, really.  Please don’t. 

You’re likely to break or spill something. 

I know - it’s been a while since I was last here. Six months, in fact.  But I couldn’t let a Christmas slide by without wishing my fellow WOYWWers all the greetings of the season. May it be a happy one for all of you!

Me? It’s been a bit of a busy year with the old CIPD Studies (hence not joining in with WOYWW). And work. Work has been....hard work. Data cleansing around 1,500 staff members’ details and uploading them to new HR database software. I’ve estinated it to be around 200,000 individual pieces of info by the time I’ll have finished. And then what?  Who knows?  My current contract is due to end mid-March, so we’ll see which way the wind blows me. 

Creatively it’s been a bit quiet but I am actually working on one of my seasonal favourites - a Mill Hill Charmed ornament.... getting to be a bit of a tradition, it is!

So, brightest blessings to you all!  Hope to see you all around in the New Year!
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