Wednesday, 26 August 2020

WOYWW 586 - missed a week!

Welcome again to WOYWW. Missed me?  Just testing!  Once again another hop through the blogs and crafting desks of the planet. Well a couple dozen at any rate. 

I nearly missed this week too. The working weeks have been horrendous of late  - very busy as you can imagine during the current pandemic and how it’s affecting businesses worldwide. It’s been a huge learning curve for those of us on the HR frontline, I can tell you!  

So desk and creativity wise, what’s going on at Morti Mansions?  A whole lot of the same nothing really!

The desk is tidy. Tidier. 

The little Mill Hill kit I was working on is done...

I love Mill Hill ornament kits, they are quick little things to work on and true heirlooms to pass onto other family members. You can just catch a couple of others I’ve done this year, in the background. 

The owl is progressing steadily...

And that’s it for now!  

We have three weekends of visitors coming up, so not much will get done in the house or garden for the next couple of weeks other than a whole lotta cleaning. 


Wednesday, 12 August 2020

WOYWW 584 - there’s a fog blowing in

Welcome to another edition of WOYWW!  Hosted by the lovely Julia over at The Stamping Ground, if you’re a random visitor you can see more desks here. Can’t  see much in Cornwall today - the whole North Coast is shrouded in very thick fog!

After a week off, I do t really feel like I’ve had a holiday. It’s always that way when you have a stay-cation and spend your week on household stuff. We do have a couple of major developments, one of which is some new shelving in the craft-room-cum-office. 

They’ve made a huge difference - the room somehow seems bigger, but maybe that’s just because it’s tidier. Mostly....

Creativity-wise, I’ve now got three cross-stitch WIPs on the go!

The barn owl...

The Peppermint Purple SAL

More boxes added and last week’s box done (new box chart released today). 

And I’ve started a Mill Hill beaded ornament kit...

Not much else doing at the moment but that’s plenty to be going on with. 

I do need to sort that desk out because I’ll have a load of memorial jewellery to start soon for one of my best friends who lost her mother early in the pandemic. I knew Marion myself, many a tuna and salad cream sandwich was I fed as a teen, and it is a sad loss. 

Right! Onwards and upwards - have a great day, all!

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

WOYWW 583 - on Hollibobs!

Well, we were supposed to be away this week but thanks to a certain virus coupled with car troubles, we’ve ended up with a staycation. 

So this week’s WOYWW doesn’t come to you from anywhere exotic but is instead from dull, grey Cornwall. Not even any sunshine today - although two days ago it was glorious!  Typical!

Not a lot doing on the crafting front as Morti Mansions is getting a few little jobs dealt with, seeing as we’ve had to stay home. 

I give you exhibit A. 

Mr B is in the craftroom cum office, fitting a long awaited blind. You can see the two screens of my “office space”, sandwiched twist two craft desks. The next job in there is to move a socket to a more convenient position.  

On the frame this week is the owl, probably a fair bit of progress there since last time I shared a shot. It’s nice to be working on this and finally getting it done and dusted, if I’m honest. 

Lastly, I’ll share a picture I took on Monday. Not craft related but sunset on a section of North Cornwall coastline, nearest to me. FB friends will have already seen this so my apologies for the repeat..

I thought it was worth the share. The handsome chap on the right is NubĂ©, our Maremma/Italian Spinone cross. 

Happy crafting one and all!
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