Monday, 16 August 2010

I am so blessed!

My beloved Mr B took me to work this morning, as he and Little Miss B were going to Splashdown at Tower Park in Poole - an amazing jumble of flumes and slides and general water-parky fun. So, tonight he had to pick me up on his way past to take me home.

15 minutes before the end of play he walks into my office clutching these beauties....

Aren't they gorgeous? All in my fave colour of purple. I think he got them because he was cheering me up as today is the third anniversary of my Dad passing away. Bless him.

So what did we do at the weekend? We had fun and games at Thorpe Park on Saturday! It was a bit of a wet day in the end (like, understatement of the year, as the heaven's opened and the entire park dived for cover!) but we managed to go on almost all the major rides. Unfortunately they started having problems with a couple of them (immediately after we got off Saw, it broke down mid-ride..... ulp!) so we ended up leaving early, but here's a couple of choice shots of the day.

The "Tidal Wave" ride - you get drenched if you're riding, but if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can also get a soaking....

as Little Miss B shows here...

Now this ride is called Stealth, though why I have no idea! 0-80mph in 2.3 seeconds, and the apex of the loop is 205 ft in the air.

Little Miss B did not really want to go on it...

though we successfully persuaded her to, and she got off squealing and giggling with delight. Shame I didn't get a pic of that!

Sunday we went to Shear Water with the Senior Bs - beautiful place! Lunch was had at the Bargate Tea Rooms. Now Little Miss B has gone home to her Mum and we have the place to ourselves once more.... seems a bit quiet without her.

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