Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Back from Carew - UPDATED

Back from a fantastic weekend with Wolfshead Bowmen, at Carew Castle near Tenby in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The weather was extremely kind to us - we always say that a good event is one where we both pitch and strike the camp in the dry...

This was our campsite at the foot of Carew castle. You can see the campfire (many an evening spent around this!) in the middle, and my tent is to the left - the green and white striped humbug.

My tent. It's a 15th Century Burgundian, made by a lovely company called Past Tents. Rough dimensions - 27' long, 13' wide by 9' tall, approx.

Close up of the campfire. Of the two men stood there, the one in the black and yellow sweatshirt is my brother, the one in the brown T-shirt is my DH...

Sunset on the 3rd May

Sunset on the 4th May

L-R, Helen, Becca, Pam, H, Tom & Pippa

Justin having a "moment" cos Katie is leaning on his head.... LOL

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Fiona said...

Looks great - wish I'd know about that - my lot would have loved to have gone!

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