Monday, 12 May 2008

What a weekend that was!

Well, for starters, Saturday night we went (well, DH went and I got dragged along for the ride) to see Girls Aloud perform live at the Bournemouth Internation Centre (BIC for short). All I can say is - they were OK. The sound was a bit crap, so Nicola and Kimberley sounded a bit like Minnie Mouse when they sang, and I would like to say YAY! to Sarah who proved she has as big and as good a voice as Nadine. Cheryl - you need to eat, love.

Sorry the pictures are a bit crap, but I only had my camera phone with me, but here are a few choice shots from the gig.... as you can see - they started out suspended on wires above the stage. Quite spectacular, but ultimately utterly pointless!

On Sunday we went over to Corfe Castle in Dorset, had a look around the castle, then went onto Worth Matravers and took a walk down to Winspit followed off by stopping at Swanage before driving home. The weather was fantastic, as these pictures show.

I'd also like to wish my late Dad a very happy birthday for today - bless you Dad.

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