Sunday, 26 November 2006

Busy day....

Well, today's weather has been lovely - averaging about 14-15 degrees C in the shade, and about 25 in the sun, clear blue skies, and very little wind. And we decide to work indoors for a change!

We've got loads of books sorted out to take to the local library. We were going to sell them, but the dealer only offered us 50c per book, and we know they sell them at ten times that amount. Nick came up with the bright idea of donating them to the local library to boost their English language section, and "give something back to the community". Fab idea - we get rid of a load of books we don't want and generate some good karma for ourselves at the same time. I wonder if it will help sell the van????

I thought I'd share some pics of a pop out card I made. The template is from WS Designs, and it was an order for a friend of mine to give to his wife. Shame Nick doesn't buy me cards like it!

I've received the Whisper for the CUTW Chinese Whispers Scrapping Challenge - so I can hopefully do that while Nick is at work tomorrow, along with finish off a folder card and make my Oriental ATCs. All to do with CUTW....

I also really need to print off my Christmas Card list, and start writing them. AND I need to do all of Nick's business paperwork before we leave here so we can close down the business and hand all the documents over to the accountant for the end of year return. Deep joy. Don't even get me started on Christmas Shopping! As far as I'm concerned, Christmas is cancelled this year!

Now I'm off to go and mend socks, trousers (how in the heck does he manage to put his bum through them?) and a watch which has a strap that needs stitching back together. I don't have enough to do!

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Unknown said...

Just going through your blog love this card so pretty!!!!

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