Thursday, 23 November 2006

Another day.....another rainstorm

Talk about miserable weather. When I got up this morning it was bright, but not fine - there being lots of clouds and wind - but by 4 o'clock this afternoon it was hammering down again. Typical November Rain. It's making it a little difficult to get the main stairs inside the house varnished, as I then have to use the outside staircase (which I don't want to do when it's chucking it down) to go to the toilet on the first floor. It's a bit complicated here!

Big shout of thanks goes to Clare (Fairy on UKStampers) for her help in getting the Garou clip on the bottom of this blog. Just lurve that bloke! Garou, I mean - Clare's not a bloke! At least....I don't think she is! LOL.

Everyone back in the UK keeps asking me when we're going to be back in the UK. If I knew that, I'd be putting money on it. Why can't someone be nice and just buy the Sprinter? We've had a couple of queries from UK buyers, but I just want someone to go "Here you are, here's the money.". Then we can really kick things into gear. Mind you, I'm not looking forward to trying to find a house to rent for the moment - it's bad enough trying to find one that will take just one pet, let alone three large dogs, the biggest of which weighs almost as much as I do. And isn't afraid to climb on the sofa with me (not funny after a heavy meal) despite being told to get down.

My mum sent me a couple of photos today of my ex-best friend's two kids. It's another complicated situation, but Angela and I don't speak anymore. DH has a lot to do with that - mainly because he doesn't see why I should put in all the effort and her none. She didn't want me (or anyone else for that matter) at her wedding, didn't want me to come and visit her before we moved to France, so I ended up telling her we were emmigrating on the phone, and then didn't bother to let me know that her daughter's (my God-daughter) present had arrived until 3 months later. And then it was a hastily scribbled note included in with my birthday card - not even a thank you. On top of that, she's never written to us here, or picked up the phone, stating to my Mum that I didn't give her the number, and also that she knew we'd moved and she didn't know the new address. Where did she think we were living - Outer Mongolia? We had mail forwarding for a year.

Back to the point - according to my Mum, Angela is "missing" me. Big deal. I've missed her so much, but she withdrew herself from my life. I know it's not very charitable of me, but I don't want to put myself through that heartache again. Trouble is, it's not a new friendship. We've been friends for 25 years, and that includes the 13 years that she lived in South Africa after being taken there by her parents as a child. I don't know what to do, although I know that Nick is very disapproving of me picking up the phone and calling her. Regardless of what has happened, I love my best mate to bits, and miss her.

Phew. Don't know where all that came from! I guess it needed to be expressed though. However, how does one pick up threads that were severed three years previously? With humility and good grace I suppose. The one person who has suffered most out of this is my God-daughter Stephanie, who will be 10 next year. For her sake alone, it is worth swallowing my pride and calling Angela. I'm so angry with her though, it's a tough pill to swallow at the moment...

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