Wednesday, 27 February 2008

More Glass Painting

Continuing on from yesterday's blog, here are the last couple of glass painted items I've done, this time using a Kenco coffee jar.

This one is very simple. It is basically just an outline of a medieval gargoyle (looked better sat up than lengthways!) which is then filled in, and the big bare background filled with liner spirals. Very simple, but effective nonetheless.

The second one is more complicated. I started out by outlining in black all the corners, or where the glass went off at a different angle. I also outlined a rubber stamp design of a fleur de lys, which I stamped onto the glass at the front. I then worked my way around the jar with the fill and flood technique, as before, using a different facet each time (so it took 8 days to do the paint alone). You have to work this way, otherwise gravity pulls the paint to the lowest point and you end up in a terrible mess. While it was drying, I used offcuts of friendly plastic to make an inset for the lid (to hide the word KENCO!), which was quite effective. I then went around dotting with gold, silver and copper liner, which gives a very rich effect.

My favourite pieces to work on are items I've bought from charity shops. There's such a wide variety out there of Crystal Decanters and old perfume bottles, sugar bowls, vases, and for a very cheap price too - add some glass paint and you have a unique item. I've sold a few in the past, for weddings or anniversaries, which have been customised a little (like with numbers or initials). Good fun.

So there you have it....

More painting tomorrow...

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