Monday, 25 February 2008

Let the Blogging Commence!

Well, here goes. I doubt I'm going to get everything blogged tonight, so expect lots of stuff on here for the next few days.

The thing is, you see, that lots of things I'm involved in or doing are coming to either a conclusion, or fruition, all at the same time.

First up is something for SSCC (Seasonal Storm's Christmas Club). Just to prove I HAVE been making my Christmas Cards, here are last month's....

swiftly followed by the ones I have made this month. The girls in SSCC will know that I have neatly dovetailed this month's cards into the team challenge on Aunty's Forum!

Next up are the Inchies I received for the Valentine's Inchy Swap, also on Aunty's...

Fabulous work, girls! Only 9 of us took part, though we made 10 inchies each. Mine are the two on the bottom far right.

And here are the ATCs I made for the ATC swap we did. I hope in the next day or so to photgraph the ones I've had back today...

And yes - those really are watch parts glued to the cards....

That'll do for tonight, craftwise.

The last thing I'd like to put in tonight is a picture of the tattoo I had done on the 16th February.... I'm loving it. It's at the base of my spine. Certain of my friends know exactly what its symbolism is - I don't want to sit here and explain it or try to justify why I did it. It's personal. It speaks of my own personal belief. Nuff Said.

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Sally said...

oh wow Diane - you have been busy - love the christmas cards!

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