Friday, 5 January 2007

We've moved!

Well, actually, we moved three weeks ago....LOL.... but now I finally have enough time to sit and blog again.

OK, so the house we're in is a bit pokey (supposedly 4 beds, they just chopped one in half to create two small bedrooms!) so there are boxes everywhere, and we keep falling over the dogs, but we're here!

Nick has started working for a driving agency, and came home VERY grumpy tonight as he ended up doing a 16 hour day, no thanks to the loaders at Southampton Docks who are apparently on a go-slow for more wages at the moment. 8 hours to get a new container loaded on his lorry!

I've started the interminable job hunt. I really hate working in accounts/payroll, but it would appear that that's the only sort of job I'm going to get. I did hear about an EXCELLENT PAs job in Bournemouth, just the sort of thing I would have enjoyed doing, but the hours were 8am-6pm 5 days a week, plus the occasional late night and Saturday (the joys of working for three Executive Directors!), and if Nick is working nights I would never see anything of him. So, sadly, I had to say "No way!". I'm sure something suitable will come up pretty soon though.

Hopefully I might get some crafting done next week - that's if I can locate all my stuff!

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