Friday, 19 January 2007


Gosh - where is the month going? I look round for one minute, and suddenly it's the 19th!

Well, we have some excellent news - the house in France has sold! Not only that, but it has sold to a French family who have 5 horses, and they've signed the Compromis de Vente within 1 week of making the offer (and us accepting). Most excellent!

So, next weekend we're going over to meet them, clear out our last few things from the house, sign our half of the compromis, and give Nick a chance to say goodbye as he won't be coming over again for a long while.

So exciting!

I've done a little bit of crafting lately - a valentine's card for Nick, some Oriental ATCs (which I can't put up here yet in case it spoils it for someone) and a few other odds and ends. I'm also going to take part in both an ATC swap and an Inchies swap on UK Stampers - great fun!

The latest coffee filter CJ has arrived so I have to add my entry onto it and get that off in the post again.

Nick is working full time nights as a Shunter for a transport company in Southampton Docks, and he's been off work the last two nights as the Container Terminal was closed due to the high winds (99mph recorded at The Needles, IOW) making it dangerous. I'm glad he was home, under the circumstances.

That's all for now - will put more up here as and when it happens.

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